A List of Premium Multiple Layouts Themes for WordPress

WaveX - One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

The world of WordPress offers up a myriad of options for those seeking a professional look. With nearly every theme imaginable, from food to business and design, WordPress has an option to fit your needs. There are thousands of great WordPress themes out there, but finding one that’s perfect always …

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How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate and Increase Engagement

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

There are a few important metrics to monitor when you are managing a website. The first is the goal conversion. Did the audience that visited your website take the desired action that you wanted them to. Secondly, did they engage with the content on the website. Monitoring the bounce rate …

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Top Blogging Considerations


If you are a blogger and you want to get your site online and operational, you should seek to develop a platform where the content is easy to read and the functionality is user-friendly for the site’s visitors. Whether you are a first-time blogger, or you are looking at ways …

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3 Tricks for Quickly Finding the Right Web Host

Right Web Host

Hosting is vital. Whether you are a blogger, small business owner or just somebody interested in starting a website, you need hosting. Hosting is also very confusing for the beginner. It ranges from free to hundreds of dollars per month and from shared to dedicated. There are several types and …

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Successful Backlink Building Strategies and The Tools to Use to Gain Them

Backlink Building Strategies

You have a website and you want to get more traffic leads through the organic search engine listings on Google. You know you need to optimize your website both technically and for keyword relevancy through the content. The part that will positively impact your website for the better will be …

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A List of Good Free Multi Author Widgets for WordPress


Having many bloggers and writers on your multi author blogs is a great way to grow one’s blog, but this thing also poses a big problem which is managing your blog. However, managing multiple writers is not an easy job especially when they’re new and not familiar with your blog’s …

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