Choose the Right Website Colour or Risk Failure


Colour is a vital way of communicating and conveying the ‘feeling’ and messaging of a website. Different colours and colour combinations influence the mind in different ways, and you should be using this to your advantage to sway your audience towards your brand and offering. There’s a reason Dell use …

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Top Free Tools for Beginner Web Designers

Free Tools for Beginner Web Designers

In the past the process of creating a website was seen as a very lengthy, difficult and exhausting task that few could complete on their own. However, nowadays things are much different thanks to the huge number of free web design software that regular computer users can take advantage of. …

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Short List of Premium Master Slider WordPress Themes

Neith - Creative Magazine WordPress Theme

Master Slider is a fully responsive touch slider WordPress plugin. This powerful plugin features options for touch navigation, content rich layers, useful hotspots, tons of effects and much more. It’s full of all the great features you’d expect from a quality WordPress slider including responsive support, content & image layers, …

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10 Most Popular WordPress Affiliate Free Widgets

Auto Affiliate Links

WordPress has been nominated as the best blogging platform by the top 100 blogs. Plugins and widgets have made affiliation so easy that we can’t even think about another platform. However when it came to choosing a system to use for my own personal website, I quickly found that many …

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How to Make Your Email Campaigns Socially Viral

Email Campaigns Socially Viral

Have you ever considered how you can make your email campaign go viral on the Internet? Why is particular type of content able to explode and take over the Internet, and in what way can you replicate this? Can your marketing campaign go viral as well? We at Mailigen are …

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A List of Cool Free WordPress Email Campaign Plugins

Email Client WM Plugin

Online marketing has different faces like social media marketing, SEO, paid advertising etc. If you are a WordPress users the job is going to be very simple. Here I have listed some best free email campaign plugins for wordpress that helps you to kick start email marketing campaign. You are …

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