Choose the Right Website Colour or Risk Failure


Colour is a vital way of communicating and conveying the ‘feeling’ and messaging of a website. Different colours and colour combinations influence the mind in different ways, and you should be using this to your advantage to sway your audience towards your brand and offering. There’s a reason Dell use …

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How to Make Your Email Campaigns Socially Viral

Email Campaigns Socially Viral

Have you ever considered how you can make your email campaign go viral on the Internet? Why is particular type of content able to explode and take over the Internet, and in what way can you replicate this? Can your marketing campaign go viral as well? We at Mailigen are …

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Benefits of Hiring an Online Graphic Designer

Hiring an Online Graphic Designer

There are lots of ways to hire a designer, whether you’re looking for a local freelancer, a temporary staff person, or an online contractor. Each of these types of employees has bonuses and drawbacks, but one of the most alluring things about hiring an online graphic designer is the sheer …

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The Heart of a Small Business is its Website Traffic: 5 Reasons Why

Website Traffic

Investment by small companies in their websites and in online marketing has grown swiftly in the past five years. Owners of businesses are realising that with the increase in consumer reliance on search engines, online marketing can offer low cost, high returns, and low risk. Marketing’s solitary goal is to …

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Should You Hire an Internet Marketing Company?

Internet Marketing

If you’re a newbie on the e-commerce scene, it can seem as though breaking through the see of competition can be an all-but-impossible task.  That’s where hiring an internet marketing company comes into play.  They will use their skills and experience to help market your business effectively, driving clients to …

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3 Ways the Future of eCommerce for Small Business is Changing

eCommerce for Small Business

It hasn’t been all that long since small-business retailers realized they could reduce their overhead costs and reach more customers by embracing ecommerce. And for the past several years, all it took was a half decent ecommerce website to be successful online. But in the fast-paced and competitive world of …

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