5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a WordPress Blog in India


Finally! After months and months of skepticism, planning and hesitation, you’ve decided to start your own blog! You’ve decided the topic your blog will cover, but if you think that’s all there is to plan before starting a blog, then I am afraid you are not there yet. Although, setting …

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Reasons the Contemporary Customer is Still King for Software Companies

Contemporary Customer is King for Software Companies

The world of IT is clearly experiencing a revolution if the rate of product releases is anything to go by. Over the last one decade, the number of software products for instance is mind boggling, which reflects this unprecedented growth. Customer Still Calling the Shots In such a situation, one …

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Three Amazingly Simple and Easy to Learn Coding School Programs

Learn Coding

Free website themes, phone apps, plug-ins, site modules, and other coding is widely available on the internet, but finding the right seamless design that is up to date and works flawlessly the way you want it to can take hours of your time. Sadly, once many website owners find a …

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Untold Tips to Help You Design More Creative Ads

More Creative Ads

Take a look at the ads that you see on the internet or on the really modern billboard ads. You will quickly notice the fact that they are so much more attractive than they used to be a few years ago. Why did that happen? Well, technology evolved and now …

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Here’s how it’s done! Some WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for Your Blog

WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization When you are thinking about blogging or getting any kind of online content visible, you need to think about search engine optimization. What you would be doing is ensuring that you have optimized your content in terms of having the right combination of keywords so that you …

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The Unappreciated Benefit of Good Design

Good Webdesign

You can take a quick jaunt through the blogosphere and notice a lot of sites that don’t look good. This stands to reasons. After all, many of these people are relatively new to the world of the professional content creator. Maybe they haven’t gotten to the point where they can …

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