Website Evaluation Tools You Needed Yesterday

Website Evaluation Tools

It’s an unfortunate reality that many individuals making websites never get good, critical, impartial feedback on their websites before launching them. It’s even more unfortunate that key user errors can create subtle issues in coding, layout, or functionality which can disastrously affect user experience of a site. This guide will …

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Design Your Site for Your Users, Not for the Critics

Design Your Site for Your Users

Who were you trying to please when you designed your site? It’s a question that needs to be asked of all of us who have websites. When designing a website, our motives are not always the purest they could be. We want to show the public: How technical we are …

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WordPress and iPhone 6: Making Your Web Design Compatible

Wordpress and iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 has been met with mixed reviews, from initial excitement to the drama of “bendgate”. A big part of the excitement is due to the larger screen on the iPhone 6 Plus and the potential that this screen holds in the world of mobile web design. With Apple …

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Are the New GTLDs the Death of the .com?

New GTLDs and the dot com

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll no doubt be aware that we have a whole host of new domain extensions to salivate over. The general consensus is that they’re good for the user but bad for the money-grabbing profiteers who like to make …

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5 Key Factors in Selecting a Drupal Web Hosting Provider

Drupal Web Hosting

One of the most popular open source content management systems is Drupal. It is easy to understand why. Drupal provides the administrator of a website with a plethora of options for creating web content through the use of its famous modules. However, before you start building a website with Drupal, …

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4 Tools to Make Your Business Run Smoother

Tools to Make Your Business Run Smoother

There are many ways to improve the speed and efficiency in which your business operates, and one of the best ways is to have the tools and software you need to get the jobs done right the first time. The following applications have been chosen not just for speed but …

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