Photorealistic Pencil Drawings by Diego Fazio

Here is the marvelous, excellent and brilliant pencil drawings by Diego Fazio. These pencil drawings are so photo-realistic and the examples of best precised work by 22 year old self-taught Italian artist Diego.

Let have a look on these Photorealistic Pencil Drawings and you may be interested in our other articles on Creative Drawings, Incredible Illustrations, Beautiful Illustrations and Typographic Portraits.

View Complete Gallery ⋅ Images © Diego Fazio

1. Sensazioni



2. Il Silenzio Del Dolore

2_Il Silenzio Del Dolore

Il Silenzio Del Dolore

3. Raptus



4. Come Il Vento

4_Come Il Vento

Come Il Vento

5. Squilibri Interiori

5_Squilibri Interiori

Squilibri Interiori

6. Tanto Nessuno Mi Accettera

6_Tanto Nessuno Mi Accettera

Tanto Nessuno Mi Accettera

7. Una Buona Idea

7_Una Buona Idea

Una Buona Idea

8. Einstein



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