Stunning Illustrations by Alice X. Zhang

Alice X. Zhang also known as alicexz or silverqe. Alice designs t-shirts and posters and paint a lot of portraits. She graduated the Rhode Island School of Design with a major in Graphic Design.

I am always learning and experimenting as an artist and spend nearly all my free time drawing. My sleep schedule is thus utterly erratic and insane. I enjoy wild colors, all kinds of literature, cinema, and television (Sherlock!!), the internet, and red hair. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Hope you will like these Stunning Illustrations by Alice X. Zhang.

1. Widow



2. The Time Lord

2_The Time Lord

The Time Lord

3. Molly Hooper

3_Molly Hooper

Molly Hooper

4. Something for the Nerves

4_Something for the Nerves

Something for the Nerves

5. Barnabas Reborn

5_Barnabas Reborn

Barnabas Reborn

6. Margaery



7. A Pretty Little Talking Bird

7_A Pretty Little Talking Bird

A Pretty Little Talking Bird

8. Katniss



9. The River

9_The River

The River

10. A Kiss for Corona

10_A Kiss for Corona

A Kiss for Corona

11. Rachel Berry

11_Rachel Berry

Rachel Berry

12. Someday



13. Deliquesce



14. Rapunzel



15. A Wondrous Place

15_A Wondrous Place

A Wondrous Place

16. Handsome Cat

16_Handsome Cat

Handsome Cat

17. Beginnings



18. Why Hello There

18_Why Hello There

Why Hello There

19. Spring Wind Rising

19_Spring Wind Rising

Spring Wind Rising

20. Hebe Tien

20_Hebe Tien

Hebe Tien

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