30 Beautiful Letterpress Business Card Designs

Business cards are a necessity for designers who want to market themselves and their services to people that they come across. They also provide an opportunity for the designer to make an impression with a stylish, memorable card.

Letterpress printing is relief printing of text and image using a press with a “type-high bed” printing press and movable type, in which a reversed, raised surface is inked and then pressed into a sheet of paper to obtain a positive right-reading image.

This post showcases inspirational and beautiful letterpress business cards from designers, photographers, and businesses around the globe. Whether it’s just text, a repeating vector pattern, or something even more creative, these letterpress business cards will leave you inspired and maybe even convince you to use a letterpress style for your next business cards.

Please feel free to submit your own under the comment section too.

1. Jason McGrew

1_Jason McGrew

Jason McGrew

2. Whitney Shaw

2_Whitney Shaw

Whitney Shaw

3. The Mandate Press

3_The Mandate Press

The Mandate Press

4. Jack White Blunderbuss Invitation

4_Jack White Blunderbuss Invitation

Jack White Blunderbuss Invitation

5. Lauren Liess Interiors Card

5_Lauren Liess Interiors Card

Lauren Liess Interiors Card

6. Mind Punch

6_Mind Punch

Mind Punch

7. Letterpress Balsa Wood Business Cards

7_Letterpress Balsa Wood Business Cards

Letterpress Balsa Wood Business Cards

8. Circle Letterpress Business Card

8_Circle Letterpress Business Card

Circle Letterpress Business Card

9. Square Letterpress Business Cards

9_Square Letterpress Business Cards

Square Letterpress Business Cards

10. Business Cards for Ellen

10_Business Cards for Ellen

Business Cards for Ellen

11. Vian Events Letterpess Business Card

11_Vian Events Letterpess Business Card

Vian Events Letterpess Business Card

12. Penelope Jones Interior Design

12_Penelope Jones Interior Design

Penelope Jones Interior Design

13. Cleverly Cut

13_Cleverly Cut

Cleverly Cut

14. Letterpress Business Card - Chris Kaufman

14_Letterpress Business Card - Chris Kaufman

Letterpress Business Card - Chris Kaufman

15. Kyle Van Horn

15_Kyle Van Horn

Kyle Van Horn

16. Bryon Darby

16_Bryon Darby

Bryon Darby

17. Blue Bird Design Card

17_Blue Bird Design Card

Blue Bird Design Card

18. Salt City Bakery

18_Salt City Bakery

Salt City Bakery

19. White Letterpress

19_White Letterpress

White Letterpress

20. The Woods

20_The Woods

The Woods

21. Heidi Five Business Card

21_Heidi Five Business Card

Heidi Five Business Card

22. Die Cut Letterpress Business Cards

22_Die Cut Letterpress Business Cards

Die Cut Letterpress Business Cards

23. David West Photography Business Card

23_David West Photography Business Card

David West Photography Business Card

24. Frank Woll Designs

24_Frank Woll Designs

Frank Woll Designs

25. ATOMICvibe Business Cards

25_ATOMICvibe Business Cards

ATOMICvibe Business Cards

26. Groundflights Business Card

26_Groundflights Business Card

Groundflights Business Card

27. Gigi Business Card

27_Gigi Business Card

Gigi Business Card

28. Letterpress Business Cards

28_Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress Business Cards

29. Steven J Steinmetz Photographer Letterpress Business Cards

29_Steven J Steinmetz Photographer Letterpress Business Cards

Steven J Steinmetz Photographer Letterpress Business Cards

30. Metallic Letterpress Business Cards

30_Metallic Letterpress Business Cards

Metallic Letterpress Business Cards


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