40 Colorful Brochure Designs for Inspiration

A brochure is one of the promotional tools of a marketing campaign which shows its effectiveness through design. Nowadays, brochures should act as “scene stealers” to capture people’s attention and make them peruse its contents. Thus, design matters a lot that takes your brochure printing to the next level.

A good designed brochure has to give off the right message and the clean information and to present the right brand image through the design. All this things has to perfectly be blended by the design, therefore pay attention to them and more importantly, pay attention to the design.

So to aid you in your designing quest for brochures, we have compiled 40 colorful brochure designs. Check out these colorful brochure designs and get inspired!

1. Brochures



2. MP3 Promo Brochure

2_MP3 Promo Brochure

MP3 Promo Brochure

3. Floral



4. Brochure For Events

4_Brochure For Events

Brochure For Events

5. Foliomania The Designer Portfolio Brochure

5_Foliomania The Designer Portfolio Brochure

Foliomania The Designer Portfolio Brochure

6. Invitation



7. IamExpat



8. Brochure



9. Brochure 5

9_Brochure 5

Brochure 5

10. Brochure Spa

10_Brochure Spa

Brochure Spa

11. 2854



12. CHP Brochure

12_CHP Brochure

CHP Brochure

13. Clean Trifold Brochure

13_Clean Trifold Brochure

Clean Trifold Brochure

14. Payless Brochure

14_Payless Brochure

Payless Brochure

15. Brochure Designing Samples

15_Brochure Designing Samples

Brochure Designing Samples

16. TAFI Brochure Inside1

16_TAFI Brochure Inside1

TAFI Brochure Inside1

17. Iride



18. ITOS Brochure

18_ITOS Brochure

ITOS Brochure

19. Hotel Karpaty Brochure

19_Hotel Karpaty Brochure

Hotel Karpaty Brochure

20. Product Brochure Presentation

20_Product Brochure Presentation

Product Brochure Presentation

21. Baskerville Brochure 2

21_Baskerville Brochure 2

Baskerville Brochure 2

22. Farmers Market Brochure

22_Farmers Market Brochure

Farmers Market Brochure

23. Brochure 4

23_Brochure 4

Brochure 4

24. ITI



25. Delta Egypt Samples Brochure

25_Delta Egypt Samples Brochure

Delta Egypt Samples Brochure

26. Spoke Design Brochure

26_Spoke Design Brochure

Spoke Design Brochure

27. Brochure Qalbek

27_Brochure Qalbek

Brochure Qalbek

28. Garden Light Brochure

28_Garden Light Brochure

Garden Light Brochure

29. Air Express Courier

29_Air Express Courier

Air Express Courier

30. Royal Brochure

30_Royal Brochure

Royal Brochure

31. Brochure 1

31_Brochure 1

Brochure 1

32. Techno



33. Entre Elles

33_Entre Elles

Entre Elles

34. Graphic Farmers Market Brochure

34_Graphic Farmers Market Brochure

Graphic Farmers Market Brochure

35. Colorful Body Shop Brochure

35_Colorful Body Shop Brochure

Colorful Body Shop Brochure

36. MV Teachers

36_MV Teachers

MV Teachers

37. Leporello Street Art Design 1

37_Leporello Street Art Design 1

Leporello Street Art Design 1

38. Fabriquem Emocions

38_Fabriquem Emocions

Fabriquem Emocions

39. Segnalibri



40. Empyra Product Brochures

40_Empyra Product Brochures

Empyra Product Brochures

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  1. Excellent designs! It is true to promote a brand well designed and attractive brochures are playing important role.

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