30 Creative Blue Business Card Designs

Business Card is a card printed or engraved with a person’s name and business affiliation. Business cards are the powerful tools for the contact building. Unique, different and catchy business cards printing is really a handy process which creates a physical connection and bond between you or your business and your customers.

The main information with the company’s logo comprises the new business card. But nowadays you can notice a change in the type of business cards with a hint of creativity in it. Are you planning to make your own business card but don’t have any idea or some inspirations to start? Today, i have compiled together a collection of 30 creative blue business card designs that will blow your mind away.

1. Art of Marc Business Card by Artofmarc

1_Art of Marc Business Card  by Artofmarc

Art of Marc Business Card by Artofmarc

2. Brand Diffusion

2_Brand Diffusion

Brand Diffusion

3. Business Card Design

3_Business Card Design

Business Card Design

4. OneScreen Inc Card

4_OneScreen Inc Card

OneScreen Inc Card

5. Dance the Dream

5_Dance the Dream

Dance the Dream

6. Sketchy Pictures Business Card

6_Sketchy Pictures Business Card

Sketchy Pictures Business Card

7. Sticky Stuff

7_Sticky Stuff

Sticky Stuff

8. Kevin Hughes

8_Kevin Hughes

Kevin Hughes

9. Lory Sangiovani Business Card

9_Lory Sangiovani Business Card

Lory Sangiovani Business Card

10. Andre Nitz

10_Andre Nitz

Andre Nitz

11. Blue Embossed Card

11_Blue Embossed Card

Blue Embossed Card

12. 2Excel Coaching

12_2Excel Coaching

2Excel Coaching

13. Amelia Carys Chen

13_Amelia Carys Chen

Amelia Carys Chen

14. Ravial Designs Business Card

14_Ravial Designs Business Card

Ravial Designs Business Card

15. Trendy Barber Shop Business Card

15_Trendy Barber Shop Business Card

Trendy Barber Shop Business Card

16. Cultivated Designz Business

16_Cultivated Designz Business

Cultivated Designz Business

17. Music School Business Card

17_Music School Business Card

Music School Business Card

18. Ice Drink Business Card

18_Ice Drink Business Card

Ice Drink Business Card

19. Business Card

19_Business Card

Business Card

20. My Business Cards

20_My Business Cards

My Business Cards

21. Zona Musical Business Card

21_Zona Musical Business Card

Zona Musical Business Card

22. M2



23. Call Center Business Card

23_Call Center Business Card

Call Center Business Card

24. Creative Juice Business Card

24_Creative Juice Business Card

Creative Juice Business Card

25. Chris Cavill Design

25_Chris Cavill Design

Chris Cavill Design

26. Aras Aqua Business Card

26_Aras Aqua Business Card

Aras Aqua Business Card

27. Kousuke Sekidou

27_Kousuke Sekidou

Kousuke Sekidou

28. Modern Design

28_Modern Design

Modern Design

29. Blue Bird Design Card

29_Blue Bird Design Card

Blue Bird Design Card

30. Steven Bonner

30_Steven Bonner

Steven Bonner

These blue business card design samples will be helpful in boosting your design inspiration.

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One Thought on “30 Creative Blue Business Card Designs

  1. This article is evidence to the fact that blue is such a popular color for business cards these days. i think my personal favorite has to be the ‘brand diffusion’ piece near the top.

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