25 Creative Gadgets Made From Chocolate

Chocolate is a confection made from cacao beans, the seeds of the cacao plant. There are a large number of chocolate products on the market, from powdered cocoa for making drinks to white chocolate, and most markets carry a cross-section of chocolate confections for their customers.

In this post, we are going to share a collection of creative edible gadgets and designs made from chocolate. We are hopeful, that you will enjoy these beautiful designs.

1. Chocolate Mail Stamps

1_Chocolate Mail Stamps

Chocolate Mail Stamps

2. Chocolate Pills

2_Chocolate Pills

Chocolate Pills

3. Chocolate Nike Sneakers

3_Chocolate Nike Sneakers

Chocolate Nike Sneakers

4. The White Chocolate

4_The White Chocolate

The White Chocolate

5. Chocolate Typeface

5_Chocolate Typeface

Chocolate Typeface

6. Chocolate Wii Controller

6_Chocolate Wii Controller

Chocolate Wii Controller

7. Chocolate Nail

7_Chocolate Nail

Chocolate Nail

8. Chocolate Shot Glasses

8_Chocolate Shot Glasses

Chocolate Shot Glasses

9. Chocolate Shoe

9_Chocolate Shoe

Chocolate Shoe

10. Chocolate Tool Kit

10_Chocolate Tool Kit

Chocolate Tool Kit

11. Chocolate Swiss Knife

11_Chocolate Swiss Knife

Chocolate Swiss Knife

12. Chocolate Calculator

12_Chocolate Calculator

Chocolate Calculator

13. Chocolate Laptop

13_Chocolate Laptop

Chocolate Laptop

14. Chocolate Scrabble

14_Chocolate Scrabble

Chocolate Scrabble

15. Chocolate Pie Chart

15_Chocolate Pie Chart

Chocolate Pie Chart

16. Chocolate Ferrari Formula 1 Car

16_Chocolate Ferrari Formula 1 Car

Chocolate Ferrari Formula 1 Car

17. Chocolate NES Controller

17_Chocolate NES Controller

Chocolate NES Controller

18. Rompibollo Chocolate

18_Rompibollo Chocolate

Rompibollo Chocolate

19. Chocolate Record

19_Chocolate Record

Chocolate Record

20. Chocolate Pencils

20_Chocolate Pencils

Chocolate Pencils

21. Chocolate Keyboard

21_Chocolate Keyboard

Chocolate Keyboard

22. Chocolate Shot Glasses

22_Chocolate Shot Glasses

Chocolate Shot Glasses

23. iChocolates



24. Chocolate Mail Box

24_Chocolate Mail Box

Chocolate Mail Box

25. Chocolate Chess Set

25_Chocolate Chess Set

Chocolate Chess Set

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