25 Elegant Wedding Invitation Card Designs

Wedding invitation cards are one of the most important aspect of organizing a wedding event. Most couples prefer to have an elegant yet unique and modern-looking invitation cards.

Every wedding couple should aim to craft a unique and lovely wedding card for making each and every moment of their marriage special in their life. If you are about to get married and are looking for creative wedding invitations this article is spot on. We collected a variety of wedding invitations that focus on specific styles.

1. Wedding Invite

1_Wedding Invite

Wedding Invite

2. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson

2_Mr. and Mrs. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson

3. Spring Weeding Invitation

3_Spring Weeding Invitation

Spring Weeding Invitation

4. Letterpress Wedding Invitations by Smock

4_Letterpress Wedding Invitations by Smock

Letterpress Wedding Invitations by Smock

5. Wedding Invitation RSVP

5_Wedding Invitation RSVP

Wedding Invitation RSVP

6. Butterfly



7. Handmade



8. Spring Weeding Invitation

8_Spring Weeding Invitation

Spring Weeding Invitation

9. DIY Wedding Invitations

9_DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations

10. Wedding Invitation

10_Wedding  Invitation

Wedding Invitation

11. Wedding Invite

11_Wedding Invite

Wedding Invite

12. Endless Love

12_Endless Love

Endless Love

13. Wedding Invitation Vintage Style

13_Wedding Invitation Vintage Style

Wedding Invitation Vintage Style

14. Our Invitation

14_Our Invitation

Our Invitation

15. Wedding Invitations

15_Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

16. Stasha & Andrew

16_Stasha & Andrew

Stasha & Andrew

17. Wedding Invite by Kerry Moran

17_Wedding Invite by Kerry Moran

Wedding Invite by Kerry Moran

18. Wedding Invitation

18_Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation

19. Letterpress & Foiling Wedding Invitations

19_Letterpress & Foiling Wedding Invitations

Letterpress & Foiling Wedding Invitations

20. Message In A Bottle Wedding Invitation

20_Message In A Bottle Wedding Invitation

Message In A Bottle Wedding Invitation

21. Our Wedding Invite

21_Our Wedding Invite

Our Wedding Invite

22. Folding Fan

22_Folding Fan

Folding Fan

23. Letterpress Wedding Invitation

23_Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Letterpress Wedding Invitation

24. Modernist Invite

24_Modernist Invite

Modernist Invite

25. Wedding Invitation - Hahne

25_Wedding Invitation - Hahne

Wedding Invitation - Hahne


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  1. Thanks, those wedding invitation designs are absolutly excellent.

  2. kukuh hendra on August 23, 2012 at 3:05 am said:

    can i see more of ur collection wedding invitation card

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