30 Impressive QR Code Business Card Designs

Technology is very deep rooted in our lives. Our daily deals and transactions are conducted by a few clicks. Everything is going digital day by day. Magnetic business cards are one of interesting example of magnet printing. They’re super cool and can be stuck on anyone’s refrigerator door, bulletin boards, and are sure to draw curious looks. Another impressive example is QR code business cards and i am going to showcase 30 impressive QR code business card designs today.

A quick response (QR) code is a two dimensional code that can be scanned and read by smartphone cameras to transfer information. The information can then be encoded to text, add a vCard contact, open a URL or much more. If your phone does not have a QR code decoding capability, you may find QR code scanner applications on the web and install it on your iPhone, blackberry, windows, android, and many other popular carriers.

So, by placing them on a business card, you can digitally pass on your contact details, direct people to a website, send them to a Flickr photo set or Facebook fan page or offer a special discount etc. Check out this list. You might find this type of business card interesting for your business. Enjoy!

1. Koodoz



2. Samora Reid

2_Samora Reid

Samora Reid

3. Nightshade Labs

3_Nightshade Labs

Nightshade Labs

4. Mailtrade



5. Wanda Digital

5_Wanda Digital

Wanda Digital

6. QR Code Letterpress

6_QR Code Letterpress

QR Code Letterpress

7. Dario Farina

7_Dario Farina

Dario Farina

8. Reblis



9. Rounded Corner

9_Rounded Corner

Rounded Corner

10. Vettel 360

10_Vettel 360

Vettel 360

11. Big Fat Media

11_Big Fat Media

Big Fat Media

12. Formgarten



13. AppWare



14. Perforated Business Card

14_Perforated Business Card

Perforated Business Card

15. Reblis Business Card

15_Reblis Business Card

Reblis Business Card

16. Formgarten Business Card

16_Formgarten Business Card

Formgarten Business Card

17. Erik Brandt Letterpress

17_Erik Brandt Letterpress

Erik Brandt Letterpress

18. Peipei Yu’s Cards

18_Peipei Yu’s Cards

Peipei Yu’s Cards

19. Corporate Business Card With QR Code

19_Corporate Business Card With QR Code

Corporate Business Card With QR Code

20. Shelby Montross QR Code Letterpress

1_Shelby Montross QR Code Letterpress

Shelby Montross QR Code Letterpress

21. Graphics Designer Card

21_Graphics Designer Card

Graphics Designer Card

22. Fridgehead



23. Variousways



24. 0628



25. Personal Business Card

25_Personal Business Card

Personal Business Card

26. Soren Ragsdale

26_Soren Ragsdale

Soren Ragsdale

27. Business Card With QR Code

27_Business Card With QR Code

Business Card With QR Code

28. 32degrees business card

28_32degrees business card

32degrees business card

29. Rockstars Business Card

29_Rockstars Business Card

Rockstars Business Card

30. Casey Templeton

30_Casey Templeton

Casey Templeton

31. Youandigraphics Business Cards

31_Youandigraphics Business Cards

Youandigraphics Business Cards

32. Planet10tech business card with QR Code

32_Planet10tech business card with QR Code

Planet10tech business card with QR Code

33. QR Code Letterpress

33_QR Code Letterpress

QR Code Letterpress

34. Stephanie Obodda

34_Stephanie Obodda

Stephanie Obodda

35. Photographer’s Business Card

35_Photographer’s Business Card

Photographer’s Business Card

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