35 Incredibly Unique Business Cards

When it comes to promoting your business offline, having a unique business card design will definitely helps you. Unique business cards can help you to stand out to potential clients. Being more memorable will often result in being more likely to get hired.

There are so many great ideas as to how a card should be designed in order to catch the attention of people and we are glad that we have already given you some of them. There are business cards that designers would make it to a point where clients will really spend time looking at them because of their uniqueness or peculiarity. That’s one way of making a brand name successful.

In one of today’s post, we have unique collection of business cards that will exceed your expectations. Once you take a look at them, unique ideas will occur and you will certainly be inspired to create outstanding business cards you might need.

1. 3D Business Cards

1_3D Business Cards

3D Business Cards

2. Business Card for Megan Harrigan

2_Business Card for Megan Harrigan

Business Card for Megan Harrigan

3. Delightful Business Card

3_Delightful Business Card

Delightful Business Card

4. Lava Stationery

4_Lava Stationery

Lava Stationery

5. The Carbon Consultancy

5_The Carbon Consultancy

The Carbon Consultancy

6. Popup Business Cards

6_Popup Business Cards

Popup Business Cards

7. BSSC Business Card

7_BSSC Business Card

BSSC Business Card

8. QR Code Business Card

8_QR Code Business Card

QR Code Business Card

9. Prime Scout

9_Prime Scout

Prime Scout

10. Elevator



11. Tie-Shaped Business Card

11_Tie-Shaped Business Card

Tie-Shaped Business Card

12. Drink Me Creative

12_Drink Me Creative

Drink Me Creative

13. Twice Business Card

13_Twice Business Card

Twice Business Card

14. Matthew Adamson

14_Matthew Adamson

Matthew Adamson

15. Optometrist Business Card

15_Optometrist Business Card

Optometrist Business Card

16. TAM Cargo

16_TAM Cargo

TAM Cargo

17. Paper Doll Business Card

17_Paper Doll Business Card

Paper Doll Business Card

18. Business Card for Tatsuya Aoki

18_Business Card for Tatsuya Aoki

Business Card for Tatsuya Aoki

19. Business Card for Maestro Productions

19_Business Card for Maestro Productions

Business Card for Maestro Productions

20. Marianne Lock

20_Marianne Lock

Marianne Lock

21. Craig Anczelowitz

21_Craig Anczelowitz

Craig Anczelowitz

22. Dreamten Studios

22_Dreamten Studios

Dreamten Studios

23. Ancillary Magnet Brand Identity

23_Ancillary Magnet Brand Identity

Ancillary Magnet Brand Identity

24. Business Card Bird

24_Business Card Bird

Business Card Bird

25. 3D Business Card

25_3D Business Card

3D Business Card

26. Mark Mankarious Business Card

26_Mark Mankarious Business Card

Mark Mankarious Business Card

27. Per Micael Nyberg Game Design

27_Per Micael Nyberg Game Design

Per Micael Nyberg Game Design

28. Dog Treat Business Cards

28_Dog Treat Business Cards

Dog Treat Business Cards

29. Razor’s Edge Business Card

29_Razor’s Edge Business Card

Razor’s Edge Business Card

30. Business Card for Ai Portici

30_Business Card for Ai Portici

Business Card for Ai Portici

31. USB Drive Business Card

31_USB Drive Business Card

USB Drive Business Card

32. Generation Green Business Card

32_Generation Green Business Card

Generation Green Business Card

33. Business Card for Disguise the Unworthy

33_Business Card for Disguise the Unworthy

Business Card for Disguise the Unworthy

34. Wood Business Cards

34_Wood Business Cards

Wood Business Cards

35. Clover Leaf Business Card

35_Clover Leaf Business Card

Clover Leaf Business Card

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