20 Innovative Sticker Designs for Inspiration

When it comes to the promotion of your products, stickers can be of a great use. It will not cost you a lot to create the colorful creative stickers depicting your business ideas in effective way and present it to your customers. Besides, they can be cool decorative elements that will help you bring the catchy tone to whatever surface you need.

For businesses who opt to make their marketing through stickers, custom stickers can do more than you think. Especially with the help of high quality sticker printing, the overall output will last long and carry out the flagship of their business. In this post you will find a collection of 20 creative and innovative sticker designs for your inspiration and you will see numerous trends.

1. Ilus Varias

1_Ilus Varias

Ilus Varias

2. Ekiem Sticker Pack

2_Ekiem Sticker Pack

Ekiem Sticker Pack

3. Brand Identity Identite Visuelle

3_Brand Identity Identite Visuelle

Brand Identity Identite Visuelle

4. Matjaz Cuk Visual Identity

4_Matjaz Cuk Visual Identity

Matjaz Cuk Visual Identity

5. The BBT Collection Stickers

5_The BBT Collection Stickers

The BBT Collection Stickers

6. The Elbowdroppin 369 Armada

6_The Elbowdroppin 369 Armada

The Elbowdroppin 369 Armada

7. W is for Wiking

7_W is for Wiking

W is for Wiking

8. Serious Characters

8_Serious Characters

Serious Characters

9. Stickers Russian Stuff

9_Stickers Russian Stuff

Stickers Russian Stuff

10. Roskilde Festival Sticker Design Entry

10_Roskilde Festival Sticker Design Entry

Roskilde Festival Sticker Design Entry

11. Blues PMO Summit Campaign

11_Blues PMO Summit Campaign

Blues PMO Summit Campaign

12. Two Spring Vinyl Stickers Collection

12_Two Spring Vinyl Stickers Collection

Two Spring Vinyl Stickers Collection

13. 2009 Flash Portfolio

13_2009 Flash Portfolio

2009 Flash Portfolio

14. Jotopia Travel Stickers

14_Jotopia Travel Stickers

Jotopia Travel Stickers

15. Badgerz



16. Undoboy Wall Decals

16_Undoboy Wall Decals

Undoboy Wall Decals

17. Nintendo Fury

17_Nintendo Fury

Nintendo Fury

18. Gin and Tony

18_Gin and Tony

Gin and Tony

19. Sticker Badgers

19_Sticker Badgers

Sticker Badgers

20. Piano Music CD Sticker

20_Piano Music CD Sticker

Piano Music CD Sticker

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