30 Inspirational Fashion Brochure Designs

Brochure is a printed booklet or pamphlet that contains promotional material for a product, company or service. Brochures provide information on a topic or product that the potential client or consumer is interested in. It should highlight important benefits, features, build confidence and include call to actions.

Here is a showcase of most inspirational fashion brochure designs. These can deliver important information about fashion shows, upcoming trends or some new collections out there. An important thing that you cannot miss is the design of the fashion brochure that will inspire you for the upcoming brochure by using any brochure printing services.

1. Fox Juniors Fall 09 Video and Look Book

1_Fox Juniors Fall 09 Video and Look Book

Fox Juniors Fall 09 Video and Look Book

2. Bobita



3. Last Word Fashion

3_Last Word Fashion_Broc

Last Word Fashion

4. Select Brochure

4_Select Brochure

Select Brochure

5. Clair De Lune Brochure

5_Clair De Lune Brochure

Clair De Lune Brochure

6. Fashion Catalog

6_Fashion Catalog

Fashion Catalog

7. Susana Monaco Catalog Winter Holiday 2008

7_Susana Monaco Catalog Winter Holiday 2008

Susana Monaco Catalog Winter Holiday 2008

8. Makup Brochure

8_Makup Brochure

Makup Brochure

9. The Project Madness

9_The Project Madness

The Project Madness

10. V&A Brochure Cover

10_V&A Brochure Cover

V&A Brochure Cover

11. Fashion Brochure

11_Fashion Brochure

Fashion Brochure

12. EQ IQ

12_EQ IQ


13. Fashion Illustrator Stationery

13_Fashion Illustrator Stationery

Fashion Illustrator Stationery

14. Bula - Stereo Head

14_Bula - Stereo Head

Bula - Stereo Head

15. Fashion Boutique Brochure

15_Fashion Boutique Brochure

Fashion Boutique Brochure

16. Catalog



17. TEX Carrefour

17_TEX Carrefour

TEX Carrefour

18. Tessuto Fashion

18_Tessuto Fashion

Tessuto Fashion

19. Brochure



20. Cubed - Susana Monaco Catalog

20_Cubed - Susana Monaco Catalog

Cubed - Susana Monaco Catalog

21. Fashion Brochure

21_Fashion Brochure

Fashion Brochure

22. Clair De Lune Brochure

22_Clair De Lune Brochure

Clair De Lune Brochure

23. Depeche Mode Catalog

23_Depeche Mode Catalog

Depeche Mode Catalog

24. Barli Asmara Catalog 2008

24_Barli Asmara Catalog 2008

Barli Asmara Catalog 2008

25. Chemifs



26. D&A



27. BodyShow Fashion Catalogue

27_BodyShow Fashion Catalogue

BodyShow Fashion Catalogue

28. Jaeger SS09 Season Launch Brochure

28_Jaeger SS09 Season Launch Brochure

Jaeger SS09 Season Launch Brochure

29. I Am Sailing

29_I Am Sailing

I Am Sailing

30. Fashion Advertising Brochure

30_Fashion Advertising Brochure

Fashion Advertising Brochure

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