Showcase of Stunning Retro Poster Designs

The term “Retro” is often described as a culturally outdated, aged style that has since become trendy or functionally the norm in present day. Pairing this type of style with today’s powerful graphic design software, many talented designers have taken the time to create some extremely stunning retro poster designs.

These posters however are made with modern designing and poster printing tools that enhance their quality and durability. Some notable techniques used on these retro posters are the application of color palettes with relatively low saturation resulting into faded colors, the use of texture to give the print a vintage feel, and the insertion of distinct typography that originated in past decades.

We have collected 25 retro inspired custom posters for design inspiration. Whether they make you feel nostalgic or simply amused by the “old school look,” you’ll just never grow tired of such designs.

1. Vintage-Style DC Character Posters

1_Vintage-Style DC Character Posters

Vintage-Style DC Character Posters

2. Analogue Wednesdays at Cogitatur

2_Analogue Wednesdays at Cogitatur

Analogue Wednesdays at Cogitatur

3. Andy Poster Tour Poster

3_Andy Poster Tour Poster

Andy Poster Tour Poster

4. Retrospective



5. Sleepers Mac Knife Poster

5_Sleepers Mac Knife Poster

Sleepers Mac Knife Poster

6. Comrades of Steel

6_Comrades of Steel

Comrades of Steel

7. Video Launch Poster

7_Video Launch Poster

Video Launch Poster

8. Retrospective



9. Retro Flyer

9_Retro Flyer

Retro Flyer

10. Inspire Create

10_Inspire Create

Inspire Create

11. Andy Lund & The Mission Men - Cover

11_Andy Lund & The Mission Men - Cover

Andy Lund & The Mission Men - Cover




13. Retro Flyer Template

13_Retro Flyer Template

Retro Flyer Template

14. Cat’s Eye

14_Cat’s Eye

Cat’s Eye

15. The Sleepers - Taxi Violence -The Eyes

15_The Sleepers - Taxi Violence -The Eyes

The Sleepers - Taxi Violence -The Eyes

16. The Black Panther Party

16_The Black Panther Party

The Black Panther Party

17. Probat Burns Retro Poster

17_Probat Burns Retro Poster

Probat Burns Retro Poster

18. RPS Polaroid V2

18_RPS Polaroid V2

RPS Polaroid V2

19. The Sleepers - Battle of the Bands

19_The Sleepers - Battle of the Bands

The Sleepers - Battle of the Bands

20. Behind Space

20_Behind Space

Behind Space

21. Star Wars Galaxy

21_Star Wars Galaxy

Star Wars Galaxy

22. Victoria Cartel Retro

22_Victoria Cartel Retro

Victoria Cartel Retro

23. Hive Poster Age Test

23_Hive Poster Age Test

Hive Poster Age Test

24. Culture Club

24_Culture Club

Culture Club

25. Cool Rides

25_Cool Rides

Cool Rides

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