Pet Portraits by Andrew Pinkham

Andrew Pinkham must have a great love for pets, because he’s gone to great lengths to make ordinary creature companions look like legendary beasts of old. Inspired by painters like Vermeer, George Stubbs, and John James Audobon, this Philadelphia-based artist has carved a niche for himself creating images of the animals we share our lives with that evoke emotion and mood in a style all his own.

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1_Pet Portraits by Andrew Pinkham2_Pet Portraits by Andrew Pinkham3_Pet Portraits by Andrew Pinkham4_Pet Portraits by Andrew Pinkham5_Pet Portraits by Andrew Pinkham6_Pet Portraits by Andrew Pinkham7_Pet Portraits by Andrew Pinkham8_Pet Portraits by Andrew Pinkham9_Pet Portraits by Andrew Pinkham10_Pet Portraits by Andrew Pinkham

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