25 Stunning Examples of Bird Photography

Photography requires specific skills to produce successful images. Panning, predictive focusing, and selective metering are all important skills that are not as hard to master due to new technology and advances in digital cameras today.

Bird Photography is a great source of inspiration and therefore we compiled this post. Bird photography is particularly impressive because of the speed and agility of birds. Finding the perfect moment to capture their exquisite details can be near impossible. Bird photographers often have to wait hours for the perfect shot, so it takes plenty of patience. Here are 25 stunning examples of bird photography. Hope you will enjoy to see this post.

1. Yellow Weaver bird

Yellow Weaver bird

2. Blue Bird

Blue Bird

3. Yes Take My Picture

Yes Take My Picture

4. Moustache Bird

Moustache Bird

5. Sun Conure Bird

Sun Conure Bird

6. Still Searching (Sandpiper)

Still Searching (Sandpiper)

7. Goldfinc


8. Cave Dweller

Cave Dweller

9. Bird Park KL

Bird Park KL

10. Pleu in Pink

Pleu in Pink

11. Little Snow Bird

Little Snow Bird

12. Seagulls in Hamburg

Seagulls in Hamburg

13.  Bird Photography – Brown Pelicans

Bird Photography - Brown Pelicans

14. The Bird

The Bird

15. Big, majestic and with a license to kill

Big, majestic and with a license to kill

16. Quackquack


17. Green Jay, Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge

Green Jay, Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge

18. Let’s move to more a peaceful picture of a black swan family

Let's move to more a peaceful picture of a black swan family

19. Theft sparrow

Theft sparrow

20. Mirror Mirror on the ground!!

Mirror Mirror on the ground!!

21. Big and majestic

Big and majestic

22. Love


23. My 1st bird photography

My 1st bird photography

24. Stay for a second

Stay for a second

25. Falcon Surf

Falcon Surf

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