Murals Created with Thousands of Buttons, Pins and Beads by Ran Hwang

This is a beautiful work of Ran Hwang who uses thousands of components including pins, buttons and beads to create these enormous wall-sized images. Since the works need a lot of repetitive motions, the female artist compares her work process to that of a monk about to accomplish zen.

1_Murals by Ran Hwang2_Murals by Ran Hwang3_Murals by Ran Hwang4_Murals by Ran Hwang5_Murals by Ran Hwang6_Murals by Ran Hwang7_Murals by Ran Hwang8_Murals by Ran Hwang9_Murals by Ran Hwang10_Murals by Ran Hwang11_Murals by Ran Hwang12_Murals by Ran Hwang13_Murals by Ran Hwang

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