Tattoos by Marie Kraus

Marie Kraus is a tattooer artist based in Brno, Czech Republic. This post is about beautiful geometrical tattoos by her depicting the dynamism and energy. Her unconventional tattooing style involves breaking up her figures into geometric planes and accenting them with gestural strokes of black. You can find her working at Our Future Tattoo.

1_Tattoos by Marie Kraus2_Tattoos by Marie Kraus3_Tattoos by Marie Kraus4_Tattoos by Marie Kraus5_Tattoos by Marie Kraus6_Tattoos by Marie Kraus7_Tattoos by Marie Kraus8_Tattoos by Marie Kraus9_Tattoos by Marie Kraus10_Tattoos by Marie Kraus11_Tattoos by Marie Kraus12_Tattoos by Marie Kraus13_Tattoos by Marie Kraus14_Tattoos by Marie Kraus15_Tattoos by Marie Kraus16_Tattoos by Marie Kraus17_Tattoos by Marie Kraus18_Tattoos by Marie Kraus19_Tattoos by Marie Kraus20_Tattoos by Marie Kraus21_Tattoos by Marie Kraus22_Tattoos by Marie Kraus23_Tattoos by Marie Kraus

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