25 Useful Websites to Increase Your WordPress Knowledge

WordPress is the most popular software used for blogging, CMS, Corporate websites and in the vast discipline of technology and web. Today, i have collected 25 useful websites to increase your WordPress knowledge.

These websites will help you to stay up-to-date with the WordPress news and to increase your knowledge about WordPress tips and tricks. Let’s have a look,

1. WordPress.com Blog

1_WordPress.com Blog

WordPress.com Blog

2. WordPress Planet

2_WordPress Planet

WordPress Planet

3. WordPress Development Updates

3_WordPress Development Updates

WordPress Development Updates

4. WordPress TV

4_WordPress TV

WordPress TV

5. WordPress News

5_WordPress News

WordPress News




7. WP Tuts+

7_WP Tuts+

WP Tuts+

8. WordPress Tavern

8_WordPress Tavern

WordPress Tavern

9. WPCandy



10. WordPress Mods

10_WordPress Mods

WordPress Mods

11. WP Vibe

11_WP Vibe

WP Vibe

12. WP Inspiration

12_WP Inspiration

WP Inspiration

13. WP Engineer

13_WP Engineer

WP Engineer

14. We Love WP

14_We Love WP

We Love WP

15. LatestWP



16. WP Modder

16_WP Modder

WP Modder

17. WPLift



18. WP Beginner

18_WP Beginner

WP Beginner

19. WordPress Hacks

20_WordPress Hacks

WordPress Hacks

20. WordPress Arena

21_WordPress Arena

WordPress Arena

21. WP Mayor

22_WP Mayor

WP Mayor

22. WP Force

23_WP Force

WP Force

23. WP Recipes

23_WP Recipes

WP Recipes

24. WP Teach

24_WP Teach

WP Teach

25. WP Garage

25_WP Garage

WP Garage

If the list is missing any other useful website about WordPress knowledge, please let me know via comments. So i will be able to update the list. Thanks of your contribution in advance.

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