Occupations such as bloggers and influencers are some of the youngest in the world and are an increasingly popular way to earn a basic or additional income.

Influencers are influential persons who are followed by a large number of people on social networks, and they have the power to make a big impact on their audience based on that. Bloggers are oriented towards writing various textual contents for social networks and web pages and, in addition, they are also engaged in posting original images and video content. What’s more, influencers are often bloggers and vice versa, and their activities on social networks represent a novelty in digital marketing, which has become increasingly important in recent years.

These types of occupations are most often related to working from home via mobile phones, so these devices provide them with one of the basic tools for doing what they do. The best protection for a mobile phone is a good and solid case and, therefore, it is an integral part of the equipment for mobile phones, along with other useful elements important for protection and more efficient work. However, the accessories that physically protect the phone and contribute to its use are not even a small part of what a good influencer needs. Useful applications are what they need most.

Find out below which are the apps that bloggers and influencers most often use…

Blogger: Publish Texts Wherever You Are

The Blogger mobile app is a great way to get yourself a free platform to post your content. The benefits offered by the mentioned application are quite large. First of all, the ability to write a post, which can be saved as a draft if you still feel that it is not ready for publication. Even when you post something that you think is not good enough, there is an option to correct the existing content. Adding images to your posts is just as important as editing texts, given better visualization of content for users.

There is also the option to activate multiple accounts on the Blogger app, giving you the ability to grow multiple different businesses at the same time. You can also design the page as you wish with a large number of templates that allow you to choose the one closest to your style. At this point, you might take advantage of one of the platforms in the email marketing niche, perhaps VerticalResponse, and include it to set up automated follow-up emails. All in all, Blogger gives you the opportunity to make money from writing blogs because it offers options to connect to the Google AdSense tool or place paid ads.

Google Analytics: Get to Know Your Audience Better

Blogger has the option to connect directly to Google Analytics to get to know your audience in detail in order to customize your content. With this tool, you can find out what kind of the first impression you leave on your visitors, and the bounce rate for individual pages will draw your attention to which content suits the readers.

You can also use Google Analytics to track which keywords your blog ranks for on the search engine. By getting to know the essential and basic SEO elements in more detail, you can customize your site and allow it to emerge high in Google search.

Google Docs: Create Technically Savvy Content With Google Docs

In addition to quality, verified, and grammatically correct content for your users, it is important that the texts you write are well technically prepared, in which the Google Docs mobile app can help you.

If you have a good idea for writing text, and you are not completely sure how to transform it into words, you can share a document through the mentioned application and allow visitors to see it, correct it, and work together with you. The application can be accessed from any device, even from mobile phones, so you can change your texts wherever you are.

Pixlr Express: Blogs Require Quality Visual Content

If you want to be active in blogging and thus have a certain impact on your online community, in addition to textual content, people will also notice the visual content you offer on your site.

The Pixlr Express application allows you to customize and process images the way you think you should. Also, there is the possibility of applying different filters, all from mobile devices, which was technically impossible until only a few years ago.

Buffer: Don’t Neglect Any Advertising Channels

Those who are active on more than one social network and thus try to maintain contact with their audience know how demanding it can be to publish content on multiple digital channels at the same time.

However, with the Buffer application, the mentioned problem no longer exists, since you can schedule posts on several communication channels through the mentioned tool and thus bring order to your business.

The Influencer’s Power: Not an App but a Tool for Building Trust Without Which Nothing’s Possible

The time of social networks, global availability of information, and networking of users on digital platforms has brought headaches, but also an incentive for big brands to take users more seriously. Gone are the days of classic marketing communication about a great product and a great user experience that is no longer enough on its own. Today, we need to believe that the brand we choose is both socially responsible and that it lives the values we possess.

That belief alone is not enough, but concrete action is required, 46 % of consumers agree – every brand has a responsibility to get involved in at least one social problem or show at least one social responsibility-related effort, which has nothing to do with its direct business.

One of the main tools for building this trust is the power of influencers. The reason for this is the fact that a stronger message is conveyed when someone else talks about the brand they use:

  • 63 % trust the opinion of influencers more when they talk about a brand than when a brand talks about itself;
  • 58 % bought the product in the last 6 months only based on the recommendation of the influencer;
  • 40 % started trusting the brand after the recommendation of the influencer.

As for the influencers themselves – the mere popularity of the influencers is not the most important factor, but the power of identification and the degree of similarity of the end-user with that influencer. The number of followers is not a deciding factor: about 30 % of users follow the recommendations of mega influencers, while 70 % trust online recommendations from acquaintances and friends more. In this regard, over time, the influencers were categorized based on the number of followers:

  • Nano-influencers (from 1k to 10k),
  • Micro-influencers (from 10k to 100k),
  • Macro-influencers (from 100k to 1 million),
  • Mega-influencers (over 1 million).

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that the brand must move from making promises to making action. Users know that a brand has the power to influence change and will trust those brands that use that power. Influencers have one of the leading roles in that game for now – their trust was not bought but indicated.


Today, mobile phones are used a lot to find out various information and make it much easier for us to function, so they play a crucial role in the business world, especially for influencers and bloggers. The applications we described in the text significantly contribute to the more efficient work of bloggers, who are trying to achieve their influence through digital communication channels. We hope that the article has given you interesting information that will motivate you for further research on this topic.

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