Underwater Nightclub in NYC

Viral video gurus – Thinkmodo – have done it again! This time he chose New York as his playground since it is one of his favorite places to travel to. The popularity of venturing to this city from Canada and other countries has grown tremendously because it is enormous and has so much to offer. This gigantic city accommodates to people from around the world year round. A majority of Canucks, Aussies and Brits dream of someday visiting one of the many high end night clubs and enjoying a care free night. Which is why this video went viral overnight. Last week the team created an underwater nightclub scene, complete with bikini-clad club-goers in Sea Trek helmets, all for the promotion of luxury watch brand TechnoMarine.

It does look rather convincing, though. The clip went viral last week, and we bet plenty of people had no idea it was an ad. The publication spoke with the video’s co-director and co-producer, Michael Krivicka, who explained the thinking behind it:

We didn’t want to create a hoax,” says Krivicka, who produced the video with Thinkmodo co-founder James Percelay. “Instead, we imagined a ‘what if’ scenario. We wanted to make sure that this all could exist. … Some guy in Dubai has probably already seen this and is trying to make it happen.

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