Let’s be honest, we all need money and we are not going to reject a possibility to earn some extra cash. Especially in a case when you are a student or have a debt to pay. If you want to save and have some extra money, there are three options either you earn more or you cut your expenses and set some of the saved money aside, or you do both. Anyway, nobody likes to cut their expenses so it is just better to try to earn more.

One of the best ways to earn extra money is to have a side business. It can be passive as well as active it depends on your skills and possibilities. First of all, by starting a business you will need to keep a good track of your time and be productive if you want to earn something. Here can help Pomodoneapp.com which uses Pomodoro technique to keep you focused.

There are hundreds of possible side business ideas that you can choose to start. If you do not come up with any, I am here to help you to choose one or kickstart your thinking process. So here are 10 part-time business ideas for you to start today.


Tutoring is a great side business to make money. It is not only a great source of income but also a really satisfying job. If you have a degree in math, literature, science or just are good at some of that thing. Keep in mind that you will be learning throughout the tutoring as well. As a result, it is a good investment in your own development.

To start with tutoring you can post an announcement on Facebook, put up flyers at local schools, libraries and cafes. Also, you can register for online tutoring. When you will have some clients try to make a positive relationship with them and use word-of-mouth marketing.

Start a Blog

It a big chance that there is one area that you are almost an expert on it. Maybe you are a die-hard fan of soccer, basketball or baseball and know a lot about it? If so, you might try to write a blog about your interests. This might not only be a source of income but also a great way to develop your writing skills.

When you have your blog it is really important to keep your readers engaged. One way would be using one of the available solutions like web push notifications. Also, if you are using WordPress, you can install WordPress form plugin on your website and communicate with your readers through the various forms.

Editing and Proofreading

If you are really good at writing and can easily spot grammar, spelling as well as style mistakes, this side business idea might be a great fit for you. It is a really hard for a writer to proofread their own work. So they hire editors and proofreaders. You can easily become one, just upload advertisement or announcements on social media or Freelance job listing websites and start doing it. You can also use this knowledge to work as a resume writer. There are lots of intuitive online resume builders that can make this job easier, as well.

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If you are a student you can offer your services to professors, academics or to other students. You can put some posters on a college or university campus to get started.

Build a Website for Local Business

You can build a side business just by building simple WordPress websites for local cafes, restaurants or hotels. You can watch tutorials on YouTube on how to create a website using WordPress, it is pretty straightforward. You can also hire WP maintenance services like this one right here to optimize and manage the website and lower your burden on building a website. To start just go to local businesses and ask them right away if they need a website, you might think of preparing some kind of a pitch to persuade them.

Offer Personal Assistance to Seniors

Elderly people do not have so much energy to clean up their home, walk the dog or go to the grocery store. Some are even incapable of doing mundane tasks. The number of elderly people is increasing due to the longer life expectancy. So you could do a good job by helping those older people as well as earn some extra cash on a side. You will not earn a fortune but you will be more satisfied with your life that is for sure.

Sell Your Digital Stuff

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Maybe you are a photographer, graphic designer or in general an artist? You can try to sell your digital art. You can sell T-shirts, mugs, bags, shoe design. Also, your virtual paintings, photos, comics or whatever you create. You can use Sellfy.com to create your online store and sell your digital good there.

Pet Sitting

Probably the most popular side business idea to contain in a list like this as well as the most time overlooked one. It is estimated that the U. S. households are spending about $60.59 billion a year on their pets. That is a lot of money and you surely can participate in this industry to get your share of that pie.

Just gather a list of your neighbors that own a pet and ask if their need pet sitting. I can bet that you will be amazed at how much people are willing to pay for that.

Become a House Cleaner

A lot of people now are busy and do not have the time to clean their homes. So they hire a home cleaner that they do not know and pay money for the cleaning companies. If you advertise to your neighborhood that you clean homes, you can instantly get a job because they know you and trust you.

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Also, to stand out from the crowd you can say that you only use organic cleaning ingredients and advertise yourself as an eco-friendly cleaner.

Help Website’s with Customer Support

To work at customer support is not really enjoyable experience. A lot of one people companies and website would like to get rid of this task and give it to someone else but do not know how.

You can write individually to websites and ask if they need any person to take care of customer support. In addition, you can offer them that you will build a knowledge base for them and automate most of their customer support with HelpJet for a certain price.

Dinner Cook

This is one of the yet unusual ideas but it is becoming more and more popular. The basic idea is you come to people house once or few times a week and cook a complete meal for them and wash all of the dishes. It might be strange but people pay that they could be at the home and free from cooking and cleanups.

 Final thoughts

There are many more side business ideas that you could pursue. You can use Best contract Management tool to manage your contracts and agreements with customers easily. Also, if you do not succeed in your side business you can always make a resume and search for a part-time job. You might want to take a look at these resume examples to understand the details of a good resume.

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