3 Tricks for Quickly Finding the Right Web Host

Hosting is vital. Whether you are a blogger, small business owner or just somebody interested in starting a website, you need hosting. Hosting is also very confusing for the beginner. It ranges from free to hundreds of dollars per month and from shared to dedicated. There are several types and many things have to know before you choose hosting.

The type of hosting you will need greatly depends on what you are trying to do. Here are three tricks for quickly finding hosting for the most common type of person looking for cheap business hosting.

Bloggers Looking for a Great Web Host

Blogging has become very popular. Many individuals make a living from blogging and many businesses use a blog to drive more customers to their website. If blogging will be your main focus, you should know the trick to finding a great web host.

It all starts with your needs. If you plan to blog every day, use tons of images and plenty of videos, you will need more space and bandwidth than somebody looking to blog weekly and use mainly written content.

The platform makes a difference, too. If you plan to use Joomla, you will want a host specializing in Joomla. However, if you plan to use the most popular platform for bloggers, WordPress, you need a hosting company specializing in WordPress.

As a blogger, you need the right platform and resources. The best trick for finding a great hosting company for a blogger is to look for companies offering multiple shared options and at least some VPS options. You will grow and need more space, so a company with options for upgrading is a big deal. This type of hosting will start out as cheap blog hosting and will get a little more expensive as you grow.

Small Businesses Taking Business Online

A small business may need a different style of hosting than a blogger. If you need to protect your information or you want to ensure high ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing, you may need your own IP address. You may also need a package with multiple domain hosting.

As a small business, reliability is a huge factor. If your site goes down often, it’s not doing you any good. Make sure you check the uptime guarantee if you plan to run a business website and blog.

Starting a Personal Website

The trick to finding a great hosting company when starting a personal website is to avoid getting sucked in by super low prices. Sometimes, you want to keep it cheap, but you take it too far. Paying only one dollar per month for hosting doesn’t give you much and won’t allow you to use a great hosting company. Instead, focus on hosting companies starting around $3 per month. This is a fair price for the type of package you need and the type of support and service you deserve.

Finding the right type of hosting company varies from one type of site to another. The better you know your requirements, the better chance you have of finding the best cheap hosting company for you.

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