A successful website is one that can convert viewers into customers, and then keep those customers loyal.  Consumers want instantaneous results, therefore it was inevitable that marketing techniques would adapt this method to reach their target audience. Creating dynamic content through an active experience has proven to be a successful conversion factor for customers.

Take a look at 3 ways that engaging visitors will convert them to customers.

Real Time Marketing

Smart marketing involves the process of personalizing and humanizing your brand.  Defining your target consumer is a basic step of the process, but incorporating actual current events into your message via social media channels is a marketing method that is striking a cord with consumers.

Online communication is an ever evolving phenomenon.  Eliciting a response from your customer is key.  With the massive amount of information available it is a perpetual quest to be the next “viral” sensation.  This technique holds true in the marketing world as brands strive to reach a global audience.  Replace antiquated and stagnant marketing messages with a contextual message based on current headlines and cultural events.

Real-time marketing is an opportunity for a business to be the first to comment on a relevant topic, and integrate the brand in an interesting and resounding manner.


Online shopping and ecommerce sites are successful in casting a wider customer net, but often a missed opportunity occurs if a customer is not satisfied with an immediate response to inquiries.  Consumers still crave the interaction that shopping allows.

Combat the feeling of disconnection that a customer can experience when shopping online with a feature that is more effective than phone service.  Providing an online chat tool where visitors can receive feedback and assistance is helpful and can be the difference between getting a sale versus losing the customer altogether.

Many times shopping carts are abandoned because the customer has questions prior to making a purchase, but can’t find anyone to answer them.  You can utilize a software to integrate chat in your website to increase customer engagement.  Don’t let your viewers slip away by missing out on this great tool.


Developing relevant content can be a fleeting endeavor as customer trends rapidly change and evolve.  Customizing your marketing strategy based on consumer purchase history and buying behaviors is an excellent way to build user-driven content that resonates with your individual customer.

Utilizing this data to change the marketing content and message based on the user is the ultimate phase of customization.  Tracking searches, page views, “likes”, and clicks creates a reflection of customer preferences and facilitates conversion.  Constructing strategic marketing content using current and past behaviors of the customer is an intuitive approach that the consumer will notice.  Companies such as Netflix and Amazon have capitalized on this technique with staggering success. Their customers are led to products and services based on their interests and history.

Your task is to provide incentive for your viewers to return to your webpage.  This can be accomplished by fostering customer engagement.  This interactive process is a proven method to convert shoppers into real paying customers.  Take the necessary steps to engage your customers and connect on a more personal level to build trust, and boost your bottom line.

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