The features and programs in today’s electronic devices are constantly getting upgraded, so they’re faster, more efficient, and more capable than ever before. When it comes to laptops, these devices are also getting upgraded when it comes to what they’re wrapped with on the outside! Today’s laptop casings are typically made from a durable aluminum or magnesium alloy, a carbon fiber material, or even tempered glass.

These upgraded materials are stronger than the titanium that was once used for laptop cases, and are more watertight and lightweight than ever before. It’s also easier to laser engrave these materials, so you can have a laptop that looks stunning on the outside, without compromising the features it offers on the inside! There are many companies on the market, such as Needham Coding (, which can laser engrave your laptop to make it look different from the pack. So, if you’re looking for a unique laptop design inspiration, check out these five badass engraved laptops that you’re sure to love.

Circuit board design for your MacBook Pro


Show off what’s inside your computer on its outside! The circuit board design for the MacBook Pro has an intricate, detailed design of a circuit board over its entire front. When you’re serious about computing and appreciate the inner workings of your electronic gadgets, this a great option for showing off its “nuts and bolts,” and for adding some eye-catching appeal to your computer’s cover.

The MacBook world travel design


Love to travel? Show the world with a MacBook world travel design cover! This beautiful laser engraving features many of the world’s famous landmarks and monuments, including the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Taj Mahal, and the Statue of Liberty. Not only is this design a great choice for when you want to share with the world your love of traveling, it’s also good to remind you of the world that’s out there, waiting for you, when you’re stuck at home!

Son of Man


If you’re looking for a design with a bit of intrigue and class, the famous Son of Man painting by René Margritte laser engraved on your laptop! Mac’s apple logo sits squarely in the face of a rather dapper individual, complete with bowler hat and morning tie. The Son of Man design is a bit of British fun, while still making your MacBook look dignified and a touch British!



If you prefer something a bit more natural, the foliage design for a MacBook Pro is a perfect choice. This somewhat simple but stunning design offers a beautiful array of natural vines and stems, along one corner of the MacBook cover. A simple but intricate design like this one is relaxing and even a bit inviting, and the natural landscape is a perfect contrast to the high-tech workings inside that computer!

Inspired spirals


If you love designs that are incredibly detailed, with lots of contrast and depth, then the Inspired spirals cover for the MacBook Pro is for you. Geometric shapes are combined with hearts and swirls, all worked around the apple logo. The Inspired Spirals design is very eye-catching and a perfect choice for something fun and playful, while still being all grown up!

All these unique designs are made possible with the use of laser engraving, and because of the upgrades made to laptop cover materials. Having a computer cover laser engraved does not compromise the function of the computer itself, and it doesn’t make the covers any less airtight or watertight. What they can do, however, is add some fun and personality to an otherwise drab and dull laptop! If you’re in the market for something unique and original and that expresses your own personality when you’re using your MacBook, consider any of these bad ass laser engravings, for you or as a gift for someone you love.

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