5 Best Paid Tools for Competitor Backlink Analysis

The main idea behind competitor backlink analysis is to check the backlinks that are pointing at the competitors’ websites and attempting to mirror their link profiles. Over the years, this strategy has been a successful way of ascertaining the difficulty of ranking for any given keyword. It is an established fact that building links that are relevant requires both time and effort. With the best baklinking tools, you can improve the page ranking of your website on search engine results. Currently, there are various tools that may be used to analyze the backlink profiles of your competitors. The tools will allow you to chase link opportunities that are similar to your competitors’ hence rank higher in search engine results. Mentioned here are the best competitor backlink analysis tools.

Ahrefs Social Media and SEO Tools Suite

This SEO tool is backed by the leading backlink index in the world. Additionally, the backlink index is updated after every 15 minutes. The results displayed by this tool are a bit different because it uses a different crawler. The tool has the right features for professional marketers and SEO experts, including:

  • Backlinks and Referring Domains

This feature ensures that you get quality information regarding the links you are searching for. This feature allows you to either search for a quality domain quickly or to ascertain where all your links are originating from.

  • Anchors

This feature allows you to see the anchor text for all the links coming to your domain. This will, in turn help you understand why the domain is ranking so well or so poorly.

Majestic SEO

This tool was specifically designed for SEO professionals, media analysts, developers and entrepreneurs. It allows the users to track link information for any website and extract such information as the number of sub domains, pages, referring domains, backlinks and images on the website. With the tool, you can compare up to five top ranking competitor websites, using the following powerful features:

  • Site Explorer

This feature is accessible by the users on the gold, silver and platinum plans, allowing them to explore different domains and URLs in great detail.

  • Link Intelligent API

Majestic SEO is responsible for most of the information used by some of the most advanced intelligence maps in the world. This fully documented and robust API allows users to use raw data in their own applications.

  • Backlink History checker

This feature allows you to ascertain the specific number of backlinks detected for every domain. With this feature, users can compare up to five domains at the same time.

Moz Open Site Explorer

Moz offers some of the leading SEO tools, including keyword difficulty, SERP analysis and rank tracking tools. Most importantly, the company is well renowned for their highly effective link analysis tool, which gives the user detailed information on competitor intelligence capabilities and links. While on the paid subscription plan, you will have access to the engaging an intuitive interface, a side by side comparison and benchmarking of competitor domains as well as anchor text analysis.

Raven Tools

Raven is among the leading competitor backlink analysis tools in use today. One of the admirable aspects of the tool is that it gets information from multiple sources, including SEMoz, Majestic SEO, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Adwords and Google Analytics. As such, it offers comprehensive information. The research feature by raven will help you generate an extensive report on your competitors; domains.


This is another powerful competitor backlink checking tool, which allows the user to explore as many backlinks as he or she wants to. Initially, you will be given a 30 day trial, after which you can subscribe to the paid plan at an affordable rate. With the pro account, you can carry out an array of functions. For instance, you can narrow down your search to include specific domains, within your niche. Other magnificent features of the tools include:

  • Allows you to benchmark competitor sites against other sites to know how they are faring and why.
  • Allows you to implement customized recommendations as well as track real results, hence better the performance of your web page.
  • Gives you an opportunity to use the competitive intelligence tools to discover the much traffic each site is getting and from where.

In most cases, the paid options provide better results as compared to the free options. With these paid competitor backlink analysis tools, you can easily explore your competitor websites and better the page ranking of your domain.  For more information on how to improve your page ranking and market your business online, visit Denver SEO.

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