In case you are interested in launching a logo design contest you should know that Logo Arena has a lot of benefits in store for you. For instance, it has a community of professional logo designers, it is able to provide you with diverse items, it will get you a money back guarantee, and the list may continue. Anyway, in case you would like to learn more about this website you should get acquainted to its logo design blog. There you will find out how the process works and what you have to do in order to start a contest. Also, there is a link on the blog that will direct you towards the brief form you will have to complete in order to make your contest live. But, you will find more about this, in the following paragraphs.


1. Interviews about important logo designers

People who are at the beginning of their careers as logo designers will get to learn a lot from the interviews displayed on this blog. These interviews are about important names in the world of logo design, such as: Harry Kusumo alias osgraphic, Prabbal Kanti Dey or RetroMetro_Steve. They share their stories with those interested in this area of design and offer pieces of advice to the beginners.

2. Everything is well organized

In case you would like to read their news, to have a look at their interviews or to access their graphic design area there is no reason why you should worry that you won’t find these files. Everything is well categorized, so that people will have everything they need within their arms’ reach. In short this logo design blog shows that it really values your time by organizing everything in an intelligent manner.

3. Check their portfolio

Are you curious to see what the creations of their designers look like? Well then you should check their portfolio. This way you will see for yourself that their creations are really good and that they could help you a lot. Besides that, checking their work before actually launching the contest is something that a professional would do, in order to make sure that his or her business is on the right track.

4. Check the other contests

If you would like to start a contest but you are not sure what you must do, or what information you should offer, then it would be a good idea to check the other contests. On the other hand, the logo contest area is great for those who would like to enter such a competition. This way they will know when a new contest is available and they will start sending their creations, when something interesting comes up.


5. Get started

As it was mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs you can start your logo contest, directly from the blog. There is a link over there that will take you directly to the forms that you will have to fill in, so that whenever you feel you are ready to launch the competition you will be just a click away from getting started.

To conclude, you should take these reasons into consideration and you should give this blog a chance, in order to be in touch with Logo Arena.

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