5 Tips for Successful Business Blog Writing

Adding a blog to a business website is a great way of keeping the content fresh and updated, but if you are new to blog writing it can feel a bit challenging to start producing blogs on a regular basis. However, writing blogs is not as simple as just filling a page with text. To be successful at content marketing – and that’s what blog writing is all about – you need to think about what you are writing. So if you want to build a website and business blog, and you want to know to how to make it successful, here are a few tips.

Tips for Successful Business Blog Writing

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An Attention Grabbing Title

A good blog needs a great title. The title draws the reader in and encourages them to stay on the page, so it should be attention grabbing. If you are stuck for inspiration, read a few newspapers for ideas. Newspaper headlines are succinct. They make you want to read the article, so learn from them. It is also a good idea to include some keywords in the title, as this will help search engines understand what the blog is all about – and correctly classify it as a result.

Say Something Interesting

If you don’t have anything interesting to say, it is better to say nothing at all. Blogs can be about anything, but for a business blog, the content should be relevant and, preferably, professional without being too dry and technical. Try and come up with a unique spin or feedback on some industry relevant news, or pen a “how to” article. And remember, anything you publish must be unique or the website will be penalized by the search engines.

Structure Your Ideas

Blogs need to have a structure, which includes a title and sub-headings. Before you start writing your blog, have a framework in your head of how you want to get your thoughts down on screen. The first paragraph needs to be an introduction that tells the reader what the article is about and why they should read it. Divide the middle section up into distinct paragraphs – bullet points are useful for breaking up blocks of text. Lastly, finish with a conclusion that summarizes the points you have made and includes a call to action.

Call to Action

All business blog posts need a strong call to action. This tells the reader what to do or where to click. Common calls to action are signing up for a newsletter or downloading a catalogue, but whatever yours is, make sure it is compelling – the stronger your call to action is, the more conversions you will enjoy.

Images, Videos and Infographics

Blogs benefits greatly from the inclusion of photos, images, videos and infographics. Most people have a short attention span these days, so make it nice and easy for them to scan down the page by breaking up blocks of text with images.

Blog writing is not a five minute exercise. If you want to build a loyal reader base, post new content regularly and make sure you write high quality posts. And if you do all of the above your readership will grow in time.

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