Bedrooms are special because they are private spaces for relaxation. When it’s time to design the room, you have to consider the user’s particular comfort and lifestyle needs.

Start with assessing the space available and take measurements. Is it a perfect rectangle or square, or does it have a unique shape? Is the ceiling the same height throughout the room, or does it dip in some areas? This element is necessary when determining where to place the centerpiece of the room, the bed. Is the room large enough for the bed to sit in the center, or should it be placed against a wall for more open space?

If the bedroom is in an attic, the ceiling may not allow for a grand headboard. Depending on the room’s shape, corner pieces will provide extra space and storage. Shelving can also be helpful when it comes to freeing up and storing personal items or decorations. Please take note of the room’s characteristics and utilize them in your design.   

The bed you choose is important as it will influence the other type of furniture picked for the space. For example, if one tiny corner closet is all there is, a storage bed would be the right solution. If the room is spacious, you could opt for an armoire or set of dressers instead of a storage bed.

Nightstands can bring a feeling of balance and cohesiveness to the bedroom. The key is to find one about the same height as your mattress top and proportional to the rest of the room. Know what its function will be. Are you using it as just a lamp table, or will it be extra storage? Then you’ll know if it should have an open or closed design.

No matter what you decide, see all bedroom sets on 1Stop Bedrooms. They have the furniture you need for style and function. You can take your time and browse the site or reach out to one of the staff designers with any questions. They’re available to listen and help you find the right pieces for your home. The designers do not work on commission, so their suggestions are only motivated by your need to find cost-effective solutions.

You can filter through the choices based on style, color, material, and more. If your style is laid back and casual, contemporary, or classic, you’ll be able to sort through several options that will surely satisfy your tastes.

And do not worry, you won’t have to go somewhere else to find lamps and other decorative accessories that give the room that personal touch. There is wall art, rugs, lighting, throw pillows, and tons of other accent pieces you can purchase. And don’t worry about paying everything in full. There are financing options to fit your budget, along with free delivery and a low-cost guarantee.

With 1Stop Bedrooms, the quality and variety of the selection combined with the knowledgeable designers guarantee you will find the bedroom furniture that joins style and function. 

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