Benefits of Hiring an Online Graphic Designer

There are lots of ways to hire a designer, whether you’re looking for a local freelancer, a temporary staff person, or an online contractor. Each of these types of employees has bonuses and drawbacks, but one of the most alluring things about hiring an online graphic designer is the sheer number of potential candidates you’ll discover.

Hiring an Online Graphic Designer

Here are a few benefits of hiring a graphic designer over the Internet.

1. A Buffet of Talent

The bottom line about hiring an online graphic designer is that you get your pick of the litter. There are ample opportunities to find the perfect person to work with you and who will amply meet your needs if you’re patient enough to look through job listings. For example, Elance, which is a popular job site for creative freelancers, reports that as of March 2015, they have 191,600 designers listed and ready to jump into action. Another great resource to look for a designer is on Designhill, since they’re one of the leading sites in the online graphic designer industry. Reliable and user friendly sites also offer portfolio samples that are easy to review, and they’re one amongst many sites you can explore to find the right person to work with on your graphic design project. This cuts out all the headache of trying to find a freelancer locally and interviewing people in person.

2. Passion Is Easy To Spot

Passion is a quality that isn’t hard to recognize, and it’s also very important. For example, in an interview in Slate with Henry Hobson whose designs for the introductory slides for each film nomination during the 2015 Academy Awards have been widely lauded, he mentioned his personal interest in film. Being a director and self-proclaimed film nerd himself, his interests inform his aesthetic decisions since he watches all the nominated films before designing the slides. While you may not be in the market to hire Hobson to design your logo or website, a key element to look for is a designer who’s also potentially invested in your product.

Taking an online graphic designer at face value is easy because all their work is laid out in plain view. Although personality certainly plays a part in the hiring process, when you’re dealing with an online graphic designer, their work and passions speak for them.

3. They’ll Always Check In

Part of a freelancer’s role is to agree upon a time and method of establishing regular contact with a client, according to Although you should always be able to shoot an e-mail to your freelance designer with questions that might come up, there’s a guaranteed day and time that you know you’ll be able to interact. If you’re using a freelancer from a well-known site, such as a Designhill Graphic Designer, you know that you’ll also be dealing with reputable source for creative freelancers. The beauty of working with a designer online, though, is that you don’t have to worry about the employee not being able to make the meeting or finding a way to sidestep communication when they fall behind. A professional online designer will always show up in a timely fashion. One way you can ensure that this periodic meeting is adhered to is writing it directly into their contract. It’s common to have a contractual stipulation indicating exactly how much of the designer’s time that the client is entitled to in terms of a meeting basis. Of course, you want to find a designer who’s going to be available to communicate on a regular basis by answering an e-mail here or there, since that’s standard in freelancing. However, the beauty of having a contracted online designer is that it’s a reliable meeting always penciled into your schedule.

4. You Can Get Real References

Unlike a candidate for a job in person, when you’re dealing with an online freelancer, you can more easily get the real story about their work. Other companies aren’t as hesitant to be truthful about an online designer than they might be about an on-site employee. Dealing with someone face to face and then speaking ill of them can be an awkward position for references to be in, whereas if you’re inquiring about a freelancer, the tone can be blunter. This is also true of freelancers in general, where the company may not have had a longstanding relationship with the designer in question, even if they had a positive experience.

Contracting an online designer can be a great way to reduce stress on yourself to manage another employee, as well as opening a huge pool of talent to choose from. These days, you’ll also most likely be using a lot of the content the designer creates online, so it’s not difficult to see their work put into action. If the designer you hire is conducting their business online in the first place, then they’re also going to know their way around what clients want when it comes to style and content.

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