Design like a Spy, Mr Bond

“The bomb, Bond!” shouts the Queen, “The bomb is in the pantry!” You salute Her Majesty and kick in the pantry door, only to see Blofeld awaiting you, stroking a cat and cackling like the bald megalomaniac he is. But, as rapid as lightning, Pussy Galore bounds through the window and knocks Blofeld out with a swift kick to the knackers. You rapidly defuse the bomb. It stops at 00:07. Then you wake up. Just another sleepless night dreaming of being a spy.

We all love Bond – some, perhaps, too much – but how can you use your obsession with spy gadgets to boost your creativity? Well, by using a few of these devices.

The Man with the Listening Pen

Whether you’re a designer, writer or filmmaker, you probably neglect one sense while you’re creating – the world of sound.

Which is a shame, because soundscapes can provide a whole new plane of sensory inspiration. Place a digital recording pen in a random area, hit record and see what random noises you can pick up to inspire you. On a more practical level, use your recorder to keep track of your creative process or save conversations and listen back later.


Google Glass is like the Bond gadget that should have existed. What’s amazing about it is that it would probably have seemed a bit farfetched even 20 years ago.

Created by the anti-evil (honest) tech company, Glass is primed to do almost anything. You can record videos, conversations, search someone’s name or look up a certain object to gain inspiration. Essentially, it beams the entirety of the internet into your eyes – what more do you need to get those creative juices flowing?

While it’ been criticized by some for diminishing our already faltering attention spans and creating privacy scares (not to mention that it’s a bit rude to have it on while you’re speaking to someone), it’s still an invaluable tool.


Have you ever stared into the inky black darkness of the night and wondered what awaits you? What strange phantasmagorical creatures lurk in the depths of that mysterious moonlit canvas?

You’re not alone. Many a creative visionary has used the night to inspire them. After all, where would our favorite horror creatures be if they couldn’t go bump in the night?

If you want to join the illustrious canon of night artists then invest in our next Bond gadget, night vision goggles. The most powerful of these will set you back a few thousand pounds, but a mid-range pair (a few hundred pounds) can be equally effective. While they might suck a little bit of mystique from the night, they’ll also help you capture those night time designs perfectly.

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