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If you are planning to start a website you should know that you will need a good web host where your website will be stored online. Many different web hosts exist today but most professional website owners recommend you try BlueHost.

BlueHost was founded in 2003 so they are in business from more than a decade and they know what they are doing. It is one of the most popular web host available with more than half a million customers!

My BlueHost Coupon is a website which is dedicated entirely to publish information about BlueHost. The site contains articles about BlueHost spanning different areas. They also occasionally publish articles about BlueHost coupon.


For example the first article they published on their blog was an introduction to BlueHost. It contained information like when BlueHost came along in the industry then web hosting prices were quite high. At that time BlueHost charged $6.95 per month for web hosting while the next cheapest hosts were running $7.95. This helped the company grow along with the owner’s connections with affiliates in the industry. The BlueHost affiliate program has also been considered as a strong reason for the explosive growth of BlueHost.

BlueHost initially didn’t start by offering unlimited web space, unlimited traffic, or even 24 hour customer support. They were not suited for all kinds of people, but they were right for just their target audience. As the company grew they expanded customer support hours and other features.

They have also published reviews of different web hosting companies, including BlueHost and others, instead of just publishing information about them. This helps their readers compare the features of different companies and judge for themselves which host would be best for their website.

They also publish latest discount information about BlueHost. For example when BlueHost started selling their hosting at a mere $3.95 per month price point, My BlueHost Coupon published an entire article on the topic with links to the BlueHost website. You may consider these links to be as BlueHost coupon codes.

The article said that it was the lowest BlueHost pricing available anywhere and urged its readers to act immediately to avail the discount.

The article says that not only BlueHost is a top notch company but is also reliable and affordable. It gains more than 20,000 customers per month. The company has its own data center and server building operation and is thus set apart from others with its ability to be innovative with high end technology.

The company uses a dual quad processor performance server, UPS power backup, diesel generator backup power, Linux hosting operating system and 24/7 network monitoring with courtesy website backups. Customer satisfaction is their top notch priority therefore this best web hosting company strives to continue providing first rate services to its millions of customers at an affordable rate.

The website is worth checking out. Go and take a look at it and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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