Four Tips On Designing A Specialty Website

If you are an entrepreneur, a crafter, or someone else that has a very focused business idea, you probably want your website to be extremely focused as well. That means not having a bunch of stuff that doesn’t really fit what your business goal is.

That may mean that your website focuses solely on sharing your art, your craft, or maybe your virtual counseling business. You will want the photos, blog, and even your attached social media accounts to let people know that you care about your business, now you are focused on getting them exactly what they want and need.

Pick The Right Name

It’s likely that when you started your business you took great deal of time picking the right business name. However, the right business name isn’t always the right website name. You want something that is short and will be easy for people to find. If your business name fits this, and that site is available, go for it.

However, if you have a longer business name, or the site name you want Isn’t available, think up something else that really fits your business. Maybe it’s your specific product name that will come to mind. You may do business as Jennie’s Candles and Candle Warmers, but you may do well with just making your site about the candles and warmers. People will learn more about you as they buy your product, anyway.

Use The Right Keywords

The keywords that you use will also help determine how many people find you. You’d rather they found you for your candles and candle warmers, not just because your name is Jennie. When it comes to keywords and SEO, make sure you are using the right tactics, and that your keywords are showing up in metadata and even in your photos.

Research the keywords you plan to use so you can make sure they are words that are being searched and to make sure you won’t be dealing with a lot of competition when it comes to those specific words.

Share Photos

Especially if you are selling a product, it’s important to have photos on your website. People want to see what they are considering buying. Don’t just have photos with your sales page, but all through your website. Also, share them on your social media.

You should also make it a point of never posting a blog post without a photo to go along with it. Maybe it’s simply a photo of someone using one of your candle warmers, probably staged. Staged as it may be, it still shows people that your product is interesting and usable.

Make Your Blog Special

Not only should you use photos on your blog, but you want your blog to be a place where people learn that you are an expert in your field. For a candle site, you may want to post articles about the healing powers of different candle scents, or even colors.

You may post about decorating home with candles, or even candle safety. But you wouldn’t be posting articles on eating the right foods, or how to fix a car. Stay focused so when people come to your blog they know what to expect.