“Every aspect of marketing is entirely useless unless it produces conversions.” – Jeremy Smith on Marketing Land | Want to win fights with your web designer? Use these CRO tactics.

In the world of online marketing, quality is more important than quantity. While your brand’s presence on the Internet and the number of visitors that land on your website is important to increase the likelihood that your products will sell, it is critical to ensure that the visitors to your site are converting into returning customers, not just browsing around your website.

It’s one thing to attract lots of visitors to your site; however, if no one is buying your products, then the number of visitors to your site becomes a meaningless statistic. Therefore, not only is it important for visitors to visit your website, it is even more important that they convert into returning customers. In other words, the statistics that you need to track as known as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) stats.

The importance of Conversion Rate Optimisation

Therefore, the question that should be asked is: Should you be tracking the number of visitors to your site as well as the number of visitors that purchase your products via your online store?

The simple answer is: Yes, you should be tracking the number of visitors to your site versus the number of sales generated from the site. Furthermore, these figures should be used as a benchmark to determine how to increase the visitors that convert into returning customers. Furthermore, digital agencies such as Base Create will not only keep an eye on these figure, but they will design and implement a strategy to ensure that your website’s CRO statistics improve.

The most important reason why you should track your website’s CRO statistics

Before we look at the reason why you should track your website’s conversion rate, let’s look at what a conversion is. Simply stated, a conversion is a “tangible action that a user completes while on your website…that supports your business goals.” These actions include buying products, signing up for an email newsletter, and providing contact information, etc. The conversion rate is the number of visitors who complete the required action on your website.

Finally, the most important reason why you should track your website’s conversion rates and optimise (or modify) your website to increase your site’s conversion rates.

The fundamental goal of a business is to make money. It’s how money is made that is the biggest difference between the various companies open for business.  Ergo, if your corporation is not making money, you need to determine why and put in solutions to fix it. Tracking your website’s CRO is a vital part of the sales process.

It should also be noted that this is not a one-off process. The CRO methodology should be implemented on an ongoing basis. Let’s face it, consumer requirements change! Therefore, marketing strategies, as well as the measurement of their success, needs to evolve to keep up with the ever-changing consumer patterns and behaviours.

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