Are you a designer who is in regular need of stock files? Are your stock files expenses so much that they are puncturing a big hole in your wallet? Do you need a remedy from it? We are here to help.

Lootback is a website that will help you get your stock files at very discounted price. Their approach to this discount is different from most other sites because they follow a two step process which grants you a double discount. Then they also allow you to search for stock files from different websites right from a single place. I explain these two features below.

Search From One Place

Lootback has developed a search engine of their own which lets you search for stock files from a single place.


The screenshot above shows the search bar.

When a person enters a keyword there, this search engine displays the results from many different stock file websites. Actually Lootback has partnered with many big names in the stock industry. The list includes iStock (a branch of Getty Images), Shutterstock, Theme Forest, Graphic River, Depositphotos, Thinkstock, etc. So when somebody searches for something in the search  bar, Lootback will display the relevant results from all these partner websites on a single page.

First of all this method saves on a lot of time of the designer because he won’t have to visit every individual website and feed in the words again and again to search for stock files. He can do that just once and from a single place.

Secondly he won’t fall into the risk of buying a file for an expensive price. I mean it may happen sometimes that you buy a file from one site and later on discover that the same file was being sold on another site for a much cheaper price. Not so with Lootback.


Enjoy Heavy Discounts

As I said above Lootback lets you have a two fold discount.

First of all when you make a search through their search bar and then click on a file you want to buy you will be taken on the particular page of that respective website which contains that image. You will also be displayed a discount coupon code. So when you will proceed to buy that image you can enter that code and get some discount.

But the story doesn’t end here. Then after a few days of your purchase you will get a part of your money back into your PayPal ID. This is the cash back. Now you understand why they call themselves Lootback? Because they allow you to loot your money back.

Actually what happens backstage is this. Their partners offer them a commission whenever Lootback sends them some business. Lootback then splits that commission between themselves and their customers. This results in the money that you receive back.

The site is worth checking out. Go and take a look and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

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