How Altibase is Revolutionizing Big Data with the Latest in Memory Database Technology

It is no secret that cloud computing is quickly taking over mainstream technology, as users become more aware of the benefits of being able to access data at will. However, it is necessary to note that even though data stored in the ‘cloud’ is easily accessible, it does not mean that it is invulnerable to factors that would impede its performance, scalability and security. This is a concern that is shared by companies who have ventured into using cloud computing. The good news is that these factors can be circumnavigated by use of a back-end database management system that not only sustains the load but ensures performance, scalability and security remains top notch.

Altibase is an industry leader as far as providing solutions to the dilemma that is common as far as database management system-balancing speed with scalability. Also, because of the volatile nature of RAM, data integrity is a concern that is shared by many who make use of the in-memory databases. Altibase has come up with a way to solve these problems, and that is by providing a hybrid database that combines an in-memory database with a disk-resident database in a single unified database. The ultimate aim of the hybrid database is to arm enterprises with complete data management freedom, by combining the speed of RAM and the storage capacity of a physical disk. This hybrid database is more secure than any traditional legacy database, and more efficient as well. Moreover, the MOVE technology employed in the hybrid database allows the data to be moved between memory and disk with a simple command.

Altibase has also made customization possible, such that clients are able to choose the durability levels that are suitable for their specific use-case. With the Altibase hybrid database, or ALTIBASE HDB, businesses and companies will not be required to choose between security, scalability and speed, as these will all be offered in one database.

With such top of the range services and products, it is not surprise that Altibase has been a market leader since 1999, boasting 550 enterprise clients worldwide. Many organizations have learnt to entrust their cloud-based services to Altibase. Such services include web-based employee management systems, CRM systems and even global cloud authentication.

Companies can now take advantage of big data and use this for their business intelligence, and they do not even have to worry about exposing themselves while doing the same. With the back-up of a physical disk, big data can be easily processed and at very fast speeds offered by an in-memory database. Gone are the days when companies could not have it all. With the Altibase hybrid database, it is in fact possible for a company to have everything: speed, scalability and security, all thanks to Altibase.

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