How Do You Get Creative?

Getting creative in terms of web design and display is a challenge sometimes. Designers and developers suffer from design block. This is similar to writer suffering from writer’s block.

How do you get that mojo back? Sometimes visiting a site based upon creativity, inspiration and design is the solution. Fresh ideas will be all around you to build from.

Custom web design is one of the more prominent areas where designers get stuck. Building exactly what a client wants might be boring. It is their site, don’t over think it and just do it.

Easier said than done sometimes, yes, but give them what they want. Clients are particular. They know how they want their brand displayed.

Cures for Creative Blocks

When you sit and stare at a blank screen wondering how to implement something fresh, it’s time for inspiration. This can come from viewing designs by an artist or searching web design trends online. The ideas should start flowing shortly.

You can also consider using a directory based upon ingenuity, inspiration and creativity too. You may see something in a design that works as an element for a website layout. Taking ideas from other structures is the key to fighting creative block.

Design Something New

Step away from the website and have some personal design time. Do something fun. It will aid in getting those creative design juices flowing.

Some fun design ideas:

  • Create an artistic piece for a design contest
  • Make a new banner for your own site or blog
  • Create a forum signature just because
  • Play with a new technique and share it via social media
  • Create your happy place with graphics

Print out a copy of the file to display in your workspace. Create a collage of items when you suffer these creative blocks. One day those off-kilter designs will be your inspiration.

Stay in Current Trends

If you learn to stay within design trends, it is fun to use new techniques. This can mean blending new colors or trying a new font. Font play leads to custom font creation, which is a load of fun.

Trendy web designers are found to be in higher demand. It shows flexibility and the understanding of what society wants. More customers will come your way with off-the-wall ideas to keep your mind flowing.

Play with a New Program

Perhaps you are used to Photoshop, as an example. Consider using something like Gimp or even a simple drag and drop program. Using tools in other programs shows different aspects of design.

Perhaps you saw a cool technique that you want to figure out by looking at a blog post. The images can provide ideas for backgrounds. This can make for a very interesting design concept.

Use Fun Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

Take ideas from advertising. Look at how many times it has been shared. This concept works and it is okay for you to borrow from it.

What graphics grab your attention in an ad? Take that concept and use it in a new website design. Clients may just like the idea that you bring to the table.

Creative blocks happen often. Sometimes taking ideas from what others showcase gives you the ideas to move forward. A quick tutorial shows you how to use new tools.

These new tools open up a whole new world of design concepts for you.  You will have that new web design completed in no time. Try some of these tips to see how well they can work for you.

Fresh designs and ideas come when least expected. It could be something seen in a television commercial or on the cover of a book. Don’t let creative block stop you from designing a killer website.

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