How to Get Free Traffic to your Website

Most of the website dream to have a constant flow of traffic and visitors. But the big problem comes in when you don’t know where to find them. You need not worry since this is not a difficult problem at all, in fact, they are the one to find you not you to find them. Per every minute there are millions of people who are online and there are different methods that you can use to get quite some those online visiting your website.


This is a good deal to stop you from spending huge amounts of money in advertising. No cost is required to grow traffic in your website at all. There are some proven methods that can be used to attract free website traffic.

Check the tips that can help you to boost traffic in your website in Singapore. They are short and hence easy to understand.

  • You can create a blog and link it to your web design Singapore that you will be using to update often. People will be encouraged to click into your website so that they can read the blog and this will help to create the traffic. Alternatively you can comment on other blogs with perfect comments that are going to assist then leave your website box or link for the person who benefit from the comment can send you a notification on your website for more enquiries.
  • On the other hand, you can opt to sign up with forums which area related to your niche, then post your link in the signature area and then spend most of your time helping the people by answering their questions. This will greatly help you. Or else you can decide to create a Facebook page that will act as a social counterpart of your website.
  • You can also choose to use the same profile picture in all your social networks, forum and blogs. This is done to help people recognize you at all your different sites, and this will assist you in branding. You need also to submit your website URL to the following search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. Use of images on your site can also assist. Tag and name the accordingly and this will help you to receive traffic from Google Image search.
  • Pinterest also helps a lot. You need to sign up and pin the images from your website to your Pinterest profile. Cross posting can also assist in creating traffic in your website. This is where you link the Facebook posts so that they can update to Twitter.
  • You can also decide to do interviews at your site. This is of great advantage since the interviewee is likely to share the post with their network to their friends and other people.  You can also write about anything that is completely original. First you need to search on google so that you can be sure there is no any topic to the one you will write.
  • At last you can write an about page describing more about your website and what is the purpose of your website. This acts as a marketing method since many people are able to read what you write and by so doing creating traffic.

Do not be left out again wondering how to create traffic on your website. Try these tips today and see a change.