Modern education is very intense, which requires lots of time to digest loads on information and prepare multiple papers. It is not impossible, especially if you love what you study and have the necessary resources. Education is not perfect in many aspects. There are still lots of old-time systems where students are overwhelmed with assignments, even if the subject is not primarily related to the selected field. Sometimes financial problems force to look for a partial job to pay for studies and rent. There might be plenty of reasons why you may not get your schoolwork done on time.

No matter what you must provide a good write-up or essay to submit an assignment without any problems. Life happens, and things must be done in time. Occasionally there is not be a big problem to seek help when writing an essay. The problem is how to find advice that is reliable, reasonably priced, and provides what you ask in time. If you start searching the internet, you will be overwhelmed with offers.

How to find a good writer?

To answer this question, we must determine the criteria. Depending on the assignment type and subject, there might be different criteria. For instance, if the assignment is highly technical, you will probably look for an expert in this field and pay less attention to creativity. Say, you are looking for physics or chemistry essays on some particular topic, you will want that writer was comfortable with this type of knowledge and could write meaningful text and even understand formulas.

A different situation is with subjects like languages, literature, history where more descriptive and creative information. A writer should be able to analyze data according to requirements.

No matter which subject is required, few criteria fit all topics. You can try to compile a simple checklist to be asked before selecting the most suitable writer. Let’s take a look at five criteria for selecting a good writer.


The education of the writer speaks about his knowledge in a specific area. If you are seeking for Physics or chemistry essay, you will probably want that he had an education in this field. Make sure that the writer had a necessary qualification in the subject; otherwise, you will end up with very generic text with many logical errors. As we already discussed, technical people may not provide fancy texts, but they will be correct on the matter. Highly specialized people may even charge you more depending on the assignment problem.


Depending on assignment difficulty, you may want to know the experience level of the writer. If the writer finished physics studies, it doesn’t mean that he has the right qualification in a particular field. You may be interested in nuclear physics, but if the writer specialized in electromagnetics, it would be harder for him to jump in to subject. He may accomplish work perfectly, but it may take a bit longer to digest the information.


Asking for earlier writing samples is a great way to evaluate the level of writing experience. Be sure to ask for several examples closest to your subject to understand of what you may get once the job is accomplished. Be sure to check the contents of the work to make sure that the structure is logical, sentences are correct, and the subject is disclosed completely.  Be sure to check if the content is original, plagiarism-free. The simplest way is to search on the search engine for similar text. 

Agree on rights and policies

When making a deal, be sure to agree on text rights and protection policies. This is important that your work wouldn’t be reused in the future. Also writing a company shouldn’t pass you already written work or parts of it. Modern plagiarism checking tools are capable of detecting paragraphs and even distinct sentences that are blindly copied. Agree on guarantees and money returns if the quality doesn’t meet the criteria.

Agree on assistance

If you are ordering assistance in intricate work, be sure to agree on consultation and support during the process. There may be a situation when requirements change or are augmented. Be sure to decide on a plan on how to write work, cite, what style to use, and other technical matters. Also, be sure to ask to look at the manuscript to make corrections if needed. Depending on work complexity, you may need to arrange a direct chat or even conference link to share information more effectively. In the end, you both seek benefits – you want your work to be perfect, while another party is earning money.


You can find even more criteria to test how good one or another writing company is. Do your own research, search the internet to check writing company credibility.

Students naturally feel relaxed, and it becomes difficult when they have to write assignment tasks. In the beginning, small writing works may be somehow managed with few sleepless nights and some dedication. But eventually, tasks become complex when studying masters or Ph.D. Depending on the situation there might be different types of papers that need to be provided. For instance, you may need to give an essay, research paper, thesis, dissertation, book, coursework, and others. Being severe with studies, each student should put his effort to accomplish all these tasks, because his expertise only depends on hos own skills. However, there are many situations where you get stuck with loads of work or merely relaxed too much. Writing services may be a high helping hand to get in line. Even if you purchase writing services, you will still need to proofread the work at least a couple of times to make sure everything is suitable and correct.

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