How to Give People What They Want from Your Website

Creatively speaking, web design can look however you want it to look. There are certain building block rules that should apply to everyone if they want to have a website that will be successful, but overall, as long as you take the rules or suggestions to heart and incorporate them into your design, you’re as creatively free as an artist with a blank canvas.

This leads to a very diverse market. Nobody is limited in the things they want to display, advertise, or sell. In your quest to design a website, it is important to realize that there are things that people want to see on your website, and if you don’t have these essential characteristics, people will back out of your site and choose somebody else to give their business too.

Consumers are not limited on options into which to pour their money into. If you want to ensure that the customers choose you and stay with you, it’s important that you incorporate these simple things into your design.

Don’t Charge People Unnecessarily

It’s understandable that you’re a business and you need to make money, but the way to do it is not by wiring in a bunch of hidden fees. Some sites can get away with it, but it seriously reflects on their long term success. A customer might come to you once, but when they find out that you’re charging them at every other click of the mouse, they won’t return to do business with you.

Consider the point of your website. What are you selling and what is your mission? If you are a nonprofit or a company that aims to help people out, consider not charging and living off of donations. If you do have to charge, do so that the customer only gets charged once and there are no other hidden fees.

Clearly Display Your Reason for Being

There is nothing worse than going onto a website and not being able to find out what that website’s point to exist is. You might think that your mission is clearly explained in your website, but often things get convoluted and a person looking in from the outside won’t understand what you’re trying to do.

In order to avoid this, make sure your site is neat and well organized. It often helps to incorporate breadcrumb trails into your page. This eliminates having too many tabs hanging out all over the place. Your home page should clearly describe your purpose. The use of hero images helps with this. In addition to this, have a tab that clearly states something along the lines of “Our Mission”, or “About Us”. People often want to know who it is they are supporting.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll be more likely to have customers choosing to stick with you. People might not always know what they want, but they most definitely know what they don’t want, especially when they see it. Help the viewer out by giving them what you know that they want. When you anticipate their needs, they’ll be more likely to come back to you time after time.