Designers are in regular need of design based material or the tools which they need to work with. These tools can take many forms – PSD templates, images, icons set, buttons set, etc. Purchasing all of these can be very costly so designers should keep an eye on websites which bring in quality deals.

But how would you know which website is worth your time? Here is where we can help. Our recommendation is InkyDeals. InkyDeals is headquartered in Romania, from where they run this website and publish new deals every day.

Some of their offers are free while others are sold at very discounted price. They have partnered with some leading industry names which helps them publish these deals.

The image below lists all their partners.


For example one of their freebie bundle consists of 471 premium design resources. Below I discuss some of the important resources contained in this bundle.

Subtle Patterns Set from Design TNT


Patterns are something that a designer can use for backgrounds. This set contains subtle repeated patterns.

By subtle I mean the patterns are of a light color that won’t hurt the eye. By repeated I mean the same core element is repeated over and over again. The image above illustrates my point.

 Web buttons set from DesignTNT


It is difficult to imagine a website with no buttons on it.

Are you selling a course? You need a “Buy now” button.

Do you want people to download your e-book? You need a “Download” button.

You want people to sign up to your mailing list? A “Sign Up” button is required.

You see, you need buttons for almost any call to action (CTA) that you require.

This set contains some beautiful CTA buttons which will surely help you get a good website designed for your client.

Monochrome glyph set from


Mono means one and chrome means color. So monochromatic means being of a single color. As you can see from the image above the icons contained in this set are all gray in color.

It is very necessary that your entire website should display a single theme. And a consistent icons set will help you achieve that.

Consider this example. If you have used the traditional Facebook logo to link to your Facebook page from your site then you can’t use a grungy, metallic look Twitter icon to link to your Twitter profile. It will look out of sync and incoherent.

This is why you need the same types of, the same set of icons to use on your entire site. You never know which new icon you will need when and if you later on need an icon but you discover that it’s missing from your library you will have to download a new set of icons and use them from then on. So why take risks?

Use this set which contains a large number of well crafted icons of different sorts. Go and check out the website and let me know in the comments below what you think about it.

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