Is Design Important For Social Media Marketing?

The truth is that most people out there do not carry out social media marketing campaigns as they should be done. They make mistakes because of a clear lack of knowledge or simply because of the fact that they think things are not as important as they truly are. No matter the case, it is important that we avoid social media marketing mistakes and that we always take the right steps in order to help our business grow online.

When thinking about social media marketing design, there is this general misconception that it is not important what is designed as long as it is attractive. Things are not as simple as that. Any serious content marketing agency is going to spend a lot of time to figure out what the best design is for the client’s campaign. This is because design is vital for the success of social media marketing.

The Importance Of Online Branding

Design is always connected to branding. The specific branding strategy that you use in the offline world has to be translated to the online environment. Many novice marketers tend to think that because of the fact that different social networks are used, the design that is created needs to be connected with the networks. This is incorrect. In reality, you need to be sure that similar design is used for practically all your promotional campaigns and that branding elements like a logo will always be the same. You basically want to create a connection between the design and your company so that every single time the user sees something that you offer, it is associated with the brand.

Design Increases Click Through Rates

Since you basically advertise on social networks, you want to be sure that you do all that you can in order to maximize click through rates. This is only going to be possible when the design is really good. Unfortunately, many just use some specific templates that they find on the internet. They copy them and expect results.

If you want to drastically increase click through rates when you use social media marketing, it is vital that you use appropriate design that would focus on the right elements and even use the correct colors to draw in the attention of the visitor.

Good Designs Gain More Likes

This is as simple as you may think. If the design used in the social media marketing campaign is perfect, it is a guarantee that people will click that Like button. This is important since any graphic that appears on social networks and that does not have signs that it is popular will be disregarded by various viewers. Due to using proper design, you manage to increase click through rates and appreciation rate.


We can say that design is actually paramount for the success of a social media marketing campaign. It does not matter if you simply design an image that may go viral or a cover photo for the company’s Facebook page. You want to be sure that design is top notch in order to get closer to your goal.