Is your company falling short of its marketing goals? If so, it is time to implement agile marketing. This methodology has become extremely popular because it does not require a bulky budget but does have a proven track record of producing results.

3 Agile Marketing Strategies You Should Be Using

The following three agile marketing strategies are great for beginners. They do not require a lot of time or effort to implement, yet you can expect to see a noticeable difference immediately.

1. Use a Loose Plan for Your Content

You read that right. In the past, you have probably heard that your content calendar must be planned down to the very last detail. Then you need to stick to it no matter what.

Agile marketers take a more flexible approach. This makes it easier for them to take advantage of trendy topics, which is especially helpful for social media marketing.

2. Create Content in Sprints

Along the same lines, agile marketing involves quick iterations of content created during short periods referred to as sprints. So instead of spending an entire week on one piece, every day, your content team will:

  • Meet to discuss how recent content has performed
  • Plan tomorrow’s content based on that discussion
  • Write and publish said content

These quick sprints give your company a much better chance of hitting a sentiment your market will engage with, which you can immediately take advantage of because of these daily sprints.

3. Create Content Ahead of Time

If this approach seems a bit rigorous, give it time. You and your team will grow used to it. However, one really effective strategy for keeping this agile marketing content calendar is to create some pieces in advance.

You can definitely take a week or more to put together this type of evergreen content. As it will always be relevant, you can also hold on to it for as long as you like. This way, if your team is struggling with ideas, you can buy an extra day with the content you have already prepared.

Building Your Agile Marketing Team

Now you need to build an agile marketing team that can implement these strategies. Here are four types of agile marketers you should look to include on your team:

  • The T-Shaped Agile Marketer – This is someone who has a basic understanding of broad marketing concepts (like the horizontal line of the letter), but an especially deep knowledge of one in particular (like the vertical line).
  • A Cross-Functional Marketer – This marketer is similar to the last, but they have proficiency outside of marketing (e.g. coding, graphic design, etc.)
  • Any Extremely Curious Individual – Agile marketing only works when people are willing to ask questions and dig into data to find out what’s working and what’s not.
  • Entrepreneurs – The above strategies require go-getters who don’t need orders to start working and have no interest in producing average content.

Starting Slow with Agile Marketing

While agile marketing has a lot to promise your company, start slow. Begin by creating some evergreen pieces you can use later if necessary. Then introduce the new planning process and keep to a flexible calendar. Over time, it will become second nature and your business will reap its benefits.

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