Killer About Us Pages: What Every Company Should Be Doing

When you designed your company’s website, you probably focused on producing a great layout, creating engaging content on the home page, and ensuring that your images and product descriptions were perfect. While all of this is extremely important for your company, and will be worth the time and effort you focused on these aspects of your site, you probably ended up paying very little attention to your company’s “About Us” page. If, like most businesses, you slapped something together at the last minute and called it good, it would benefit you to revisit this page and show it the same amount of attention you gave to the rest of your site, if not more.


The “About Us” page is often the most visited page on your website, according to Bryan Eisenberg, coauthor of several bestselling books on marketing. It is the only page on your site that allows you to connect with your customers on a human level. It is this level that gets them to like you and want to do business with you. It gives you the opportunity to set yourself apart from your competitors, and show your customers that you’re not just a product, that there is a real, live person behind the company. So what do you need to do to create a killer “About Us” page?

Tell Your Story

Everyone likes a good story, and it is up to you to make yours interesting. You can create your own ecommerce website so they can get to know about your company. Tell them why you started the company; was it always your dream to sell that particular product? Was there a life experience that led you down this particular path? Were you just bored one day and decided that starting a business would be fun? Whatever the reason, share this with your visitors and they will respond to your passion as much as they will to your products.

Talk About Them

Knowing your origin story is only a part of the equation. You also need to tell your customers what you are going to do for them. How are you going to solve their problem? Most businesses are started because someone sees a need and finds a way to fill it. What need were you trying to fill? Figure this out and find a way to incorporate your answer into this page.

Be Real

Customers are always the first to spot a fake. They will instantly know the difference between honest and impressive statistics and outright bragging. Lay it out straight for them. Tell them how your product will help them, but leave the infomercial speak at home. The more fluff and grandiose statements you add, the quicker the customer will leave your page.

Keep it Seen

The last thing you want to do is bury your “About Us” page on your website. Make it easy to find. Since this is often the page visitors look at the most, it is important to place it where it can be found. If you’ve ever encountered a site with a hard to find “About Us” page or been annoyed with another site’s lack of one, remember how frustrating it will be for your customers. The best place to put the link is at the top of your site, in the main navigation bar.

Your “About Us” page is such an important part of your website that if you didn’t take the time to really focus on it when you first designed your site, it is worth your time to go back and rework the page now. Consumers want to know more about the companies they are purchasing from, according to Fox Business. With the impersonal nature of the Internet, your “About Us” page is your best bet to making a personal connection with your customers.

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