Every industry grows some myths among its consumers – so does Web Hosting. These myths, which can be called misconceptions as well, probably come out of ignorance. Sometimes, these myths are made for some people’s profit too. Either way, the customer has to stay out of such myths if he/she wants to buy better. To take an example, there are people who still believe that it requires thousands of dollars to set up a website. Let’s keep that apart for now and turn our focus onto web hosting. In this article, we’ll debunk some of the most popular web hosting myths. Make sure you keep these in mind and you can surely buy better.

Myth #1 Free Hosting is Okay

This is the first myth that must be debunked right now. Free hosting is never, ever okay. In this world, nothing is free and it is the same for web hosting too. We still see many bloggers who host their websites with a free web host. They believe that the websites are secure and functional all the time. Just keep this in mind: if you are not paying for a service, you’re the price. To take one point, the web host will be showing advertisements on top of content. Needless to say, free hosting is never safe or reliable. Unless you pay something, you don’t have the right to protest when your website goes down. If you can’t afford to pay for hosting, you can go for something like Blogger or WordPress.com, but don’t even think about free hosting.

Myth #2 Cheap Hosting is Bad-Quality Hosting

People always have a tendency to equalize price and quality. That’s why most people believe that cheap web hosts are offering low-quality service. This is surely a myth, and we have enough proof to debunk it. There was a time when web hosting was really expensive, due to the cost of infrastructure and speed limitations. In the past years, things have changed and many web hosts are offering cheaper plans for its customers. The best part is that you can even get some modern Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers at an inexpensive rate. In addition, coupon codes and promotions can help you, especially if you purchase the service for a longer period – say, 3 years. Don’t think of bad quality the next time you hear about cheap hosting.

Myth #3 You Should be a Developer to Build a Blog/Website

We would have said the same before 20 years. Right now, it’s one of the biggest myths in the total industry of web hosting. For one, we don’t know not many people who code their websites on HTML and other coding languages. The growth of WordPress and other CMSs have been quite awesome, along with that of simple, drag-and-drop website builders. Trust us; it does not take more than a few minutes to purchase hosting, set up your website and publish your content, even more so with many web hosting providers offering ‘one-click’ installation for popular CMSs.

Things are going to be a piece of cake if you are using WordPress or a custom-made website builder. So, the next time when someone says you need to be a coder for making a website, do nothing but smile.

Myth #4 Newbies Should Go for Managed Hosting

Well, this myth isn’t really popular, but it’s becoming so. Quite lately, we have been seeing a lot of bloggers and other professionals going behind managed hosting packages. The sad part here is that they are just starting up with their websites/blogs. We are now talking about blogs that receive 100 or 200 visitors every day. In fact, Managed Hosting is for those who need expert support for dealing with the servers. And, as you can guess, the servers are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software. When this is combined with the expert care from the professionals, you can be sure that your website is running smoothly. It needs to be noted that, by choosing something else over managed hosting, you can save a lot of money too.

Myth #5 Unlimited means Unlimited

Let’s end this article by debunking this widely-popular myth. The unlimited tag on the hosting package does not really mean that you have unlimited resources. But, wait, we are talking about the majority here. There are a few web hosts that offer unlimited resources with their packages, especially in Cloud sector. However, for the most part, web hosting providers have some hidden restrictions. You will have to read the Terms & Conditions section to understand these things. So, if you are planning to host some extra content, you must have a look at those conditions. The same goes with the case of Bandwidth and Disk Space. It’s quite common for web hosts to suspend your account if there’s overuse of server resources.

Now that you have seen these web hosting myths debunked, you can surely buy better. Of course, it is necessary to consider many factors for choosing the best web host for your needs. At the least, make sure that you don’t fall into these myth-traps.

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