Navigation Tools Websites Need to Have

In this day and age, websites have become both the simplest and most difficult modes of business to operate. The internet is the foundation of world commerce, so it’s only natural that this platform should be available to everyone. However, with this reality comes certain catches.

If everyone who wants to sell a product is online with a website, what is going to make a single site stand out amongst the masses? It’s like walking the streets of the most populated city in the world and expecting to find your pet ant easily in the crowd.

There are certain tricks to making sure your site is seen in the chaos, but there are also certain tricks to ensuring that business can be properly conducted once an individual sees you, walks through the door, and decides your are the avenue by which they want to do business.

The key to getting anywhere in life is by using proper navigation tools. Here are the top 3 navigation tools your website must have in order for you to be part of the new world that is cyberspace.

Well Designed Tabs

These aren’t the kind of tabs you start when you go to a bar. Tabs are the things that are usually located across the top of a website. They organize the information on a website into groups that make it easier for the viewer to find where they want to go.

Polyclinic is a good example of this. Everything you could need is organized in a clear, uncluttered manner on the top of the page. You clink on the tab that hold the information you need, and it brings you right to a page that has information clearly stated in bullet points. Express Engine and the other sites listed here also have nicely designed tabs. It’s all in the presentation. If you aren’t well organized, you’ll lose customers, it’s simple as that.

Ability to Search

Search boxes will make or break a website. A majority of people upon entering a site will go directly to a search box to find what it is they’re looking for. It’s not like facebook where everyone meaninglessly putts around and clicks on random things. If a person is visiting your site, they’re going to have a mission.

A search capability not only gives your viewer a better chance of having a good experience on your site, it also links them to other content within your site which will lead them to spending more time in your office, as well as potentially spending more money.

You must cater to the viewer with your website. They know what they’re looking for, but they don’t know what they want. Your job is to lead them with breadcrumbs to the thing that you’re offering. It’s a tethering game and you’re fishing for a catch.