Protect the Galaxy S7 Edge with a Skin as Unique as You Are

As far as phones go, the Galaxy S7 Edge is an investment. In terms of price, it’s up there with the likes of the iPhone 6s. When you’ve spent several hundreds of dollars on your brand new smartphone, you’re going to want it to last. The worst case scenario would be a cracked screen or something disrupting its curved edge display, but that’s not your only worry. A hairline scratch to its backing is enough to make your heart drop. Even the Edge’s tendency to look smudgy is too much for you. If you want your phone to look as if it was straight out of the box, you need to protect it with a S7 Edge skin.

Protect the Galaxy S7 Edge with a Skin as Unique as You Are

At 157 grams it isn’t a heavy phone, and by today’s standards, its 150.9 X 72.6 centimetre frame isn’t large at all. As a result, the S7 Edge is a sleek, slender, and stylish phone. When it has specs like this, the last thing you want to do is to add a case that will beef out its numbers. Plastic cases aren’t just ugly with their awkward clasps and hinges; these hard cases ruin the modern lines of the Edge. They make it hard to handle and use. They also tend to be ill-fitting, so they leave a small space between itself and the phone, where dirt and debris can sneak in and collect.

A Galaxy S7 Edge skin, however, is a case’s opposite in every respect. They’re precision cut to offer an exact fit over your smartphone. With superior coverage, it wraps around the entire phone, leaving nothing but the touchscreen enclosed. It’s perfectly engineered for the S7 Edge, and it accommodates its every speaker, port, bezel, button, and – most importantly – its curved edge display. And unlike its case counterpart, a skin is made out of lightweight 3M vinyl, so no additional grams are added to the phone.

Choosing a skin that’s been designed with the Edge’s sleek style in mind means your phone will be easy to use. In fact, it will be even easier, as the 3M vinyl provides a better grip to the S7 Edge’s glossy backing. Your palm and fingertips will naturally want to hold onto this material – the same material that prevents grime and dirt from building up on your phone.

Saving your S7 Edge from design-compromising scratches and dirt isn’t the only benefit to a skin. Galaxy S7 skins are also a style enhancement. When you check out, you can find an amazing assortment of skins. Using their online build-a-skin feature, you can customize the look of your protection, choosing from true colours or interesting textures. You can even mix and match them to create totally unique style.

Of course, when you have so many options to choose from, the issue becomes choosing only one. Thankfully, Galaxy S7 skins are incredibly affordable, so you can easily order more than one and switch between their styles. Regardless of what they look like, with superior fit and protection, Galaxy S7 skins keep your phone safe and looking good.