Graphic design courses are available for anyone who is interested in studying from home, and if successful the student will have an opportunity in the future to contribute to trends in this compelling genre. Fashions always come in and always go out, so who will be setting the pace in the world of graphic design in 2020? It could perhaps be you.


After many years of complicated styles in contemporary graphic design, of ornate images and subdued shades, recent trends indicate that bold, vivid colours are making a comeback, as are simplified shapes and minimalist patterns. 2013 has seen a very welcome return to more basic concepts that somehow carry more, rather than less, of a statement.

Everything from product packaging, mobile phone covers, book jackets and even crockery seems to be using fewer colour changes and less complex images in a bid to stand out from the rest. One look at the shelves in any design store is enough to highlight the move away from fuss and back to a pleasing, invigorating simplicity.

It’s to be hoped that graduating students will continue to trumpet the benefits of basics in the coming months. Trends in graphic design, as in anything else, tend to come and go with alarming speed, so this may not be a fashion that lasts for a significant amount of time, but while it’s here with us many observers are determined to enjoy the ride.

Needless to say, the movers and shakers of the future will have been observing the change in fashions with interest. There are undoubtedly several of tomorrow’s decision-makers currently signing up to further education via graphic design courses, and they will one day be keen to stamp their own signatures on the business and the way it moves forward.

The best way for talented individuals to showcase their undoubted talents is to ensure they have the academic background to back up what they have to say. Without an adequate understanding of the genre and the way it has been influenced in the past, they cannot get an accurate handle on how to further influence it in the future.

While some people will choose to study full-time at a college or university, this option doesn’t suit everyone. Thankfully, the availability of remote learning courses means every potential star of tomorrow has the ability to study towards an accredited qualification that can help to open doors. It’s reassuring to know every individual has a chance of making the grade.

The key to successful distance learning is perhaps in the need to remain organized and methodical from the moment the student signs up to the course. If he or she fails to stay on schedule throughout the year, there is every chance they’ll be playing catch-up, and that often leads to struggle. Keeping on track is vitally important from start to finish.

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