Higher bandwidth, new technologies and better screens are allowing websites and other media to become ever more visual.

Humans are hardwired to be highly visual and respond to pictures and images far more quickly and emotionally than words. The enduring success of infographics demonstrates this clearly.

All of this makes web design a great career path if you are happy to learn the underlying technology and tools. You’ll need to have the right sort of creative brain to come up with the ideas as well but actually taking and idea and turning it into an image on a page has never been easier.

Let’s take a quick look at the key pieces of equipment that you’ll need if you decide to pursue this path.

Desktop or Laptop

Graphics programs are resource intensive. Everyone works on a computer these days. As a graphic designer you’ll need to get a modern machine that can handle the load and also has a good display so that the colours that you see are a true reflection.

These days these types of machine don’t have to be expensive. Particularly if you don’t move around too much and so can avoid paying a premium for a laptop.

Application software/programs

The Adobe Creative Suite is the starting point for all designers. It includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign as well as others like Dreamweaver. These days it is available on a monthly subscription which is great as it saves you the expensive upfront purchase that you used to have to make. There are lots of other programs that can also be used, and many are free for their basic functions like Canva.

The benefit for the new graphic designer of the Adobe Creative Cloud over other programs is the number of sites, tutorials and podcast out there to help you if you are stuck or looking for inspiration.

Take InDesign for example. There are podcasts, tips blogs, and YouTube tutorials aplenty for this program.


Images are the stock in trade of designers. If you want to create your own unique backgrounds and textures then the ability to produce your own high quality images is a must. Most designers don’t have a good quality camera these days despite their cost dropping and dropping. If you’re serious about being a designer you should buy a good quality camera.


Today’s tech may have advanced, but some old habits like pen and paper never die. When you are in the field, and an idea comes up, you need to write it down and refer to it later when you are back in the office.

Also if you are in a client meeting it’s often difficult to describe an idea for a design. With a pen and paper you can very quickly give you client an idea of what you are talking about.

Decent Chair

Designers often work long hours to meet deadlines. You will need a decent chair to ensure that you sit comfortably and naturally and do not struggle with back pain or other problems.

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