You can take a quick jaunt through the blogosphere and notice a lot of sites that don’t look good. This stands to reasons. After all, many of these people are relatively new to the world of the professional content creator. Maybe they haven’t gotten to the point where they can “quit their day job” yet, or maybe they have different strategies that keep their blog alive, other than excellent design. And yet, as a designer, I can say that a well-designed space can make an easier job for the operators of the best finance blogs and whatnot.

Here are three of the ways that good blog design can do a lot of your work for you.

1. It gives visual credibility and focus to your brand

If you have a freewheeling, everything goes look to your blog, it will turn a certain type of reader off automatically. They may not realize they are doing it, but lots of readers just have a certain standard for the appearance of a professional information sources. It’s just like in real life. If you are a professional, you wouldn’t show up to a business meeting in your stained hoodie. The same goes for your blog. These things take time and cost money (just like the suit you wear to the business meeting in our example), but in order to get to the level you want to be at, it’s important to invest in a modern logo and a clean layout. You’d be surprised the way your readership demographic will expand with this one change.

2. It makes your blog easier to navigate

A well organized blog is a beautiful thing to behold. But many suffer from having content stuffed all over the place. Some of it is difficult to access and near impossible to find again. By making your blog visually intuitive, you will be doing your readers a big favor. You’ll also make yourself a better candidate for outside blogs, sites, and businesses, that want to make your brand part of their brand. It’s always important to remember that just because a blog exists in a virtual space doesn’t mean that it isn’t a social enterprise. Just think about the way humans work in real life, and dress your blog up the same way. It’ll pay off for you a lot better than a sloppy, difficult space.

3. It is worth a lot more

A modern site is a worth a lot more to investors, if you ever sell your business to someone else. This may not be a consideration now, but it’s something you should think about for the future. Established blogs are brands, just like any other. My equipping your blog with modern design elements, you are making an investment just like someone who remodels their bathroom and kitchen, to add equity to their house. Take a look at some of your favorite blogs. How does the visual and design plan add to their value? To you? To other users? To an outside investor?

Design is worth the investment. Designers are professionals who see what you might not always see as a blogger. Employ one of these to give you a quote on what a reworked streamlined, modern space would cost you. I’m here to tell you, it’s worth the investment.

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